Jitish Kallat's installation connects destinations on Earth to places in space and those lost to rising sea levels. And you can walk through it.  

Come February, Somerset House will host a large outdoor installation connecting the central London location to places like Mars and distant stars.  

Whoreled (Here After Here After Here), by Indian artist Jitish Kallat, is a 'seismic ripple' or rather, a 30 metre in diameter tangle of looping spirals style to resemble British street signage.  

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Found in Somerset House's neoclassical courtyard from February 16 to April 23, this mess of loops are aligned to the Earth's cardinal north and south and reorients the courtyard to destinations both terrestrial and celestial.  

A walk through the artwork reveals the distance from Somerset House to more than 300 locations across the planet and beyond, pointing to places like the moon, Mars and stars in the Milky Way.  

The installation also directs people to places now lost to risings sea levels and others which are under threat of submersion within the next thirty years, highlighting Somerset House's own proximity to the River Thames and London's vulnerability to flooding.  

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Whoreled (Here After Here After Here) continues Kallat's exploration of cosmology, transience and the ecological, having drawn on imaginary maps connecting the everyday and the cosmic for more than 20 years.  

Also, watch out for the return of the Morgan Stanley Lates - a series of evening performances, music, talks and poetry in the courtyard - which will bring a new dimension to the sculpture.  

Address: Strand, WC2R 1LA

Website: somersethouse.org.uk