Trafalgar Square Receives a Wild Makeover For A Day

If you’re lucky enough to not to be working today, or at least outside on a break, you might have noticed Trafalgar Square looking as little greener than usual…

Photo: innocent drinks

For one day – today, Wednesday April 27 – Trafalgar Square has been greened up, bringing a bit of the natural world into the heart of our concreate jungle.

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More than 6,000 plants, flowers and trees have turned the square into a green paradise – complete with a replica lion statue covered in live foliage, turf and meadow.

The installation aims for busy Londoners to reconnect with the nature, and to encourage passersby to think about the state of our natural world, and how to improve it. At the very least, the installation is something to pretty up your lunch break or commute with.

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Visitors can pick up and rehome plants used in the installation so they can be use to create further pockets of greenery in other parts of London. Millions of seeds will also be given away today.

The installation has been created as part of innocent drink’s Big Re-wild campaign and if you want to have a look at it, be quick, it all comes down around 8pm tonight.

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