#ShopLocal: Is Notting Hill’s Supermarket of Dreams a High Street Game Changer?

Last month, Notting Hill Fish Shop launched a brand new collaborative concept that might just prove to be the future of the high street…

Notting Hill Fish Shop, which delivers chef-quality fresh fish across west London, proved itself a real lifeline during lockdown, and now it’s gone one further with the launch of a brand new concept, the Supermarket of Dreams.

Now, the words ‘supermarket’ and ‘dreams’ rarely go together in my book. Nightmares, maybe, especially when they’re out of loo roll. But behind this neon-pink painted sign on Holland Park is a collaborative concept that brings together several of the country’s most iconic independent food and drink companies.

Since opening, right in the thick of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Supermarket of Dreams team have made it their mission to create an ever-evolving roster of the hottest names in hospitality, with meals and DIY kits from the likes of Kricket, Padella, Patty & Bun and Skye Gyngell’s Spring.

But it’s not just about fancy ready meals. After all, you can a Michelin-star meal delivered at the tap of an app these days. The Supermarket of Dreams also offers the highest quality ingredients from the likes of west London favourites HG Walter, the butcher, and goodies from Ottolenghi’s deli range.

Fresh produce ranges from from fine cuts of beef to freshly baked bread and exotic veg like Japanese shishito peppers, as well as dressed lobster, oysters and caviar. Or how about picking up a ready-to-slice block of Bluefin Tuna, Yellowtail or salmon for home-prepped sashimi? You can even pop in for an Allpress coffee and pastry to go.

The inspiration for the new concept store – billed a ‘playful, high end riff on a Kwik-E-Mart’ – came from local shops working collaboratively to deliver fresh goods to housebound customers in the wake of coronavirus.

Chris D’Sylva, founder of The Notting Hill Fish Shop and a local resident for 15 years, teamed up with a local butcher, grocer, bakery and even Neal’s Yard Dairy to ensure the very best produce could still be bought and delivered seven days a week via his famous fish shop.

‘It’s a playful, high end riff on a Kwik-E-Mart’

The idea stuck, and now it has its very own premises in the Supermarket of Dreams – a modern day greengrocers for the Instagram generation and a must for those with a penchant for Michelin-star ready meals and a casual nibble of caviar.

But could it also be the catalyst that helps to reinvigorate London’s high streets? We sure hope so.

126 Holland Park W11 4UE;


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