Eighties icons and Peckham twins Matt and Luke Goss – AKA Bros – are set to return to the UK with a new perspective on being famous… 

Words: Karen Anne Overton

Hyped musical comeback tours are becoming something of a fad, but there are some that get the collective pulse racing more than most: enter Bros, the iconic boyband who melted hearts and ruled the charts in the late 80s and early 90s.

Naturally, when brothers Luke and Matt Goss announced they were getting back together following a 24-year hiatus (and rumoured feud) their fans went wild, but for Luke it wasn’t a question of whether he wanted to do it; after such a long time away, would anyone care?

‘I remember saying to my brother, I hope there’s going to be some people who still want to see us… but when the O2 tickets just flew off the shelves, so to speak, it was just bloody fantastic!’

The original reunion announcement of ‘one night only’ was never going to wash with the hungry fan base – the inevitable full UK tour includes a second night at London’s O2 and finishes at Glasgow’s incredible Hydro Arena. But while ticket sales suggest the flames they lit in teen fans all those years ago never went out, Luke’s fears are well founded considering the challenges both brothers have faced over the past few decades – including career disappointments, near bankruptcy, and the death of their beloved mother, Carol.

The family tragedy ultimately became the catalyst for the lads getting back together. ‘Personally, she was my home and she would be very, very happy to know that me and my brother are going to get back on stage and we’ve made amends – we’re best friends again,’ says Matt thoughtfully. ‘It’s a really beautiful thing. It’s far more than just a reunion. We are ready as men and we’ve come back together at a good time in our lives.’

While the trademark blonde hairstyles have gone, and arguably the brothers’ dress sense has improved considerably since their heyday (Bros formed in 1986 in Peckham), at 48 both still look every inch the pop icon. One explanation for this is that despite walking away from the band in 1992, both Matt and Luke continued to stay in the spotlight.

There’s the nostalgia that’s going to be involved, the volume, the noise, the production… it’s just a really great thing to have in my life again

Matt has enjoyed enormous success as a solo artist, selling over five million albums and enjoying a residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, while Luke pursued a career in Hollywood. Although he’s starred in over 50 films, he still admits there is nothing quite like the buzz of going on stage.

‘Making movies is wonderful. It’s primarily what I do for my living and I love it, but you don’t really see people other than at the premiere and then you do some interviews and that’s about it,’ he says. ‘But with music, you’ve got that great opportunity to say “Hey, what’s up?” to thousands of people and, not only that, there’s the nostalgia that’s going to be involved, the volume, the noise, the production… it’s just a really great thing to have in my life again.’

Having both spent a lot of time in the States; the brothers admit that one of the biggest joys is going to be coming home. ‘I’m a London boy, born and bred, and I’m immensely proud of it when I’m back,’ reveals Luke. ‘One thing I really miss is the architecture. LA is not particularly famous for that, but London is just breathtaking.’ Matt chimes in: ‘I played gigs at Christmas and I wanted to play them because I feel a deep connection to London.’

Although it’s not quite the full line-up – bassist Craig Logan giving his blessing, but not wanting to be involved – the reunion leads one to wonder: will the lads stay together after this tour? Doubtless their millions of fans would welcome a new record from the duo, but for now they are simply enjoying the thrill of getting back together.

Luke gushes: ‘I just feel ridiculously blessed to be able to do it and it’s somewhat phenomenal to be able to say after that many years that the fans are still there wanting to see this many shows. To be honest, I am just so humbled by it. I’m really bloody excited by it!’

Meanwhile, Matt has his heart set on another great British pastime. ‘Whenever I am back in London, on the last couple of days we always do a pub crawl and I love it. The people I meet and the stories I get told – it’s just fantastic. I have every intention of doing a pub crawl and I hope my brother will join me!’

The Bros tour hits the UK from 19-27 August 2017, playing the O2 at North Greenwich on 19 & 20 August. Click here to book



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