Londoners are the most likely people to consider becoming a foster carer in England, according to a poll released by leading charity the Fostering Network

The YouGov poll, published to coincide with the start of Foster Care Fortnight (which runs 12-25 May), found that 26% of adults in London would consider becoming a foster carer either now or in the future, compared with a UK average of 24%, and higher than any other region of England.

The survey also found that 28% of Londoners said they thought they were very or fairly likely to be accepted as foster carers if they applied in the next two years.

Commenting on the findings, Foster Care Fortnight co-ordinator James Foyle said: ‘Foster carers across London do a great job in providing loving homes for thousands of vulnerable children and young people.

‘But we need more of them, particularly to offer home to teenagers and disabled children, and to keep brothers and sisters together. Across London we need to see this enthusiasm for fostering matched by more people who have the skills to foster coming forward to find out more.

‘It’s time to get London fostering.’

There are over 7,500 London children living with foster families on any one day. The Fostering Network estimates that a further 1,025 foster families are needed across London this year alone, particularly to look after teenagers and children with disabilities, as well as providing homes to groups of brothers and sisters.

This year’s theme for Foster Care Fortnight is ‘guess who fosters’, with the aim of smashing stereotypes about who can and can’t foster, and highlighting the skills and qualities actually needed to become a foster carer.

To find out more about fostering and becoming a foster carer, see and search for your local fostering service


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