London Zoo: Watch Month-Old Sumatran Tiger Cub Take First Steps

London Zoo zookeepers captured a critically endangered Sumatran tiger cub taking its first wobbly steps outdoors…


The unnamed cub was born in December, and has stayed with its mum, Gaysha, in their snug cubbing den for the most part, up until now.

With sunny blue skies, the tigress decided it was time to take her cub, whose sex is yet to be confirmed and yet to be named, outside.

After carrying the tiny furball outside in the afternoon sun, mum Gaysha set the cub down safely in their heated outdoor shelter before taking the opportunity to stretch her legs.

London Zoo keepers – who have been keeping a close eye on the family via CCTV – captured the adorable moment the determined youngster followed in mum’s footsteps, tumbling onto the soft grass along the way. 

Tiger keeper Kathryn Sanders said: ‘We were all holding our breath with excitement as the cub tottered around, using all its strength to clamber after mum – it was incredible to watch the youngster find its ‘tiger feet’ for the first time.’

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