Last Chance to Experience SOMNAI’s Immersive VR Dream World

SOMNAI, the immersive, virtual reality-based lucid dreaming experience, will close its doors on Thursday 26 July. So if you haven’t yet had a chance to explore the unconscious realm of dreaming yet, now is the time…

The combination of virtual reality and immersive theatre is one of London’s most unique and creative experiences, where you’re plunged into the dark depths of your imagination and guided on a thrilling 70-minute journey that unfolds based on the choices you make.

The lucid dreaming experience blurs the boundaries between sleeping and wakefulness, leaving you questioning who’s in control. Following dream guides, you delve into your psyche and make decisions that reveal who you really are. But whatever happens, everyone will leave enlightened and, hopefully, a better version of themselves.

You’ll certainly have earned a cocktail once you reach the SOMNAI bar

The experience is designed for groups of six, and you’ll soon find those barriers we put up on the Tube (no talking, please) are broken down by your shared experiences of in SOMNAI. There’s a shared anticipation as you all shrug on your dressing gown at the beginning, and as you navigate the unusual dream worlds together, a sense of camaraderie emerges that you’ll come to rely on as you’re plunged deeper into the experience and things get a little out of control.

The whole thing, devised by dotdotdot, is brilliantly executed, from the details the actors glean from you to shape your experience, to the augmented reality cocktails served in the digital cocktail bar at the end, which morphs and changes around you with shifting visuals and unusual drinks to try.

Not only will you emerge questioning your outlook on life, you might even make a new friend or two.

But if you don’t make it in the next couple of weeks, don’t lose too much sleep over it because dotdotdot has announced that they will be launching a new, bigger experience in a new London location.

Watch this space…

Tickets from £35. To book see


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