A group of artists will create the work of their dreams, exhibiting visual expressions of sleep at Gallery Different in Bloomsbury, London, hosted by Ibis hotels

On the 24th November, the Ibis Sleep Art exhibition will launch at Gallery Different, but from the day it begins, the show itself will be incomplete. Every night the artists will sleep in the Bloomsbury gallery, and create a new work the following day, influenced by the visuals of their dreams. Visitors can watch the exhibition grow as it plays out in real time, observing the artists as they create work over a five day period, up until the closing show on Sunday the 30th November. Contributing artists include Carne Griffiths, David Bray, Rutie Borthwick and Saroj Patel (work pictured).

 The ‘Sleep Art’ exhibition is a live extension of the ‘Sleep Art’ App, which was launched by the Ibis hotel group last year. The iPhone App allows users to turn the movements of their sleep into digital brush strokes using an accelerometer that detects the sleeper’s body movements and breathing patterns, creating an original artwork that also charts your sleep.

Ibis Sleep Art Exhibition Tuesday 25th November until Sunday 30th November

Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street W1T 1DR, Bloomsbury, London