Remember how important it was to have a full sticker book as a child? Well, so do Henry Bennett and Paul Loram, two entrepreneurial dads from Fulham who are hoping to bring stickers back into the mainstream with the launch of The Sticker Club

When entrepreneurs Henry Bennett and Paul Loram sold their successful film and mobile apps to Deluxe, they were left with that familiar question: what happens now? For these two, the answer wasn’t quite what you’d expect. On the 1 September, the Fulham based business men will launch The Sticker Club, a global weekly sticker subscription club, delivering high-quality crafted stickers to children around the world. Both fathers themselves, Henry and Paul previously created apps for CBBC and Despicable Me, and soon spotted the growing desire for parents to encourage imaginative play through non-digital resources.


The Sticker Club features illustrations from guest designers each week

The launch couldn’t have come at a better time, just months after the World Cup sticker frenzy. Their concept is simple, sign up and each week members receive 9 sticker sheets with a minimum of 40 stickers per week. But the best part is the imagery – with guest designers such as Lienke Raben and Jakub Grochola creating gorgeous new sticker illustrations each week.

Who knows, maybe it will start a new wave of retro playground comebacks? We have our money on a Pogs revival.

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