Exhibition Showcases Fresh Takes on Iconic ‘It’s Not Easy Being A Princess’ Photo

More than 20 British and international artists have come together for an exhibition that marks the 20th anniversary of HRH Princess Margaret’s death…

Photo: Ken Griffiths Bureau

Inspired by the iconic photograph taken in 1986 by photographer Ken Griffiths, HRH Princess Margaret – 20 Years 20 Artworks, features 20 fresh, contemporary takes on the image, which sees Princess Margaret holding a cushion with ‘It’s not easy being a Princess’ embroidered on it.

Twenty-two artists have collaborated to create works, from oil on canvas to neon, glass and blood, and aims to bring “others closer to Margaret using various artistic approaches.

The exhibition is hosted by the Ken Giffiths Bureau, a creative hub founded by Ruby Griffiths in honour of her father’s photographic legacy.

She said: “After a year of hard work, I am excited to share this special exhibition inspired by my father”.

Griffiths, who was best known for his photojournalism took the original photograph in 1986 during a shoot for the book ‘The Englishwoman’s Wardrobe’ by Angela Huth, but it never made it into the final edit.

The Photo remained unpublished until Princess Margaret’s passing on February, 9, 2002, when the image appeared on The Telegraph’s front cover.

Ken one explained that the photo was as “life-long private joke” between himself and the princess.

Date: Until February 20
Cost: Free
Opening Hours: 11am to 7pm
Address: Ken Griffiths Bureau, 15 Bateman Street, Soho


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