Taxidermy Is Dead (Long Live Taxidermy), featuring new and recent work by leading taxidermy artists Polly Morgan, has just opened at The Horniman Museum and Gardens in Forest Hill.

This is the first exhibition to take places in a new display area at the entrance of the historic Natural History Gallery, part of the museum’s recent redevelopment works. The gallery will showcase installations by artists and others, exploring how they have been inspired by the Horniman’s collections and their themes.  

‘The Horniman was always something of a mythical place for me,’ says Polly. ‘I lost count of the number of people who told me to visit and when I moved to London as a young woman I made a pilgrimage with a friend and fellow enthusiast. I can’t overstate how crucial visits like that were to my artistic development; those minutes I spent poring over the cabinets came to define me in my later life.’

The exhibition runs until 7 June. Entry to the Natural History Gallery is free.
100 London Road, Forest Hill SE23 3PQ; 020 8699 1872;

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