Canary Wharf to Launch Covid-Secure Winter Lights Event

Canary Wharf’s hugely popular Winter Lights festival is off this year, to be replaced with a smaller-scale outdoor art event

Lead image: Hawthorn’s Newfound Reflections

With the annual Winter Lights festival postponed this year due to coronavirus, Canary Wharf is launching a scaled-back, more Covid-secure version of the luminous event called Connected by Light.

Specially chosen so that they can be appreciated from a distance, the curated collection of nine new light installations will bring some festive cheer to Canary Wharf while being mindful of people’s need for space.

Lighting the path into the new year, Connected by Light, which launches on Wednesday 2 December, provides the perfect opportunity for an evening of escapism, igniting the sky with vivid displays, warm glows and subtle hues.

The free event is complemented by a further eight light art pieces that form part of Canary Wharf’s public art collection of more than 75 pieces locate across the estate.


To find the lights, download the Connected by Light map from and create your own journey, but make sure you don’t miss these installations…

The Stories Under Our Feet by Elisa Artesero is a poetry experience like no other where disappearing text falls from benches and clusters into poems that paint the path beneath.

Hawthorn’s Newfoundland Reflections transforms a new 60-storey residential tower into a glowing spectacle that reflects onto the dark waters below and is visible from the City.

Office Party by Parker Heyl plays with fantasy and imagination to create a workspace coming to life in the absence of its worker. Flickering blinds, partnered with office-like structures adapting to the needs of its inhabitants, create a playful picture of a living, breathing workspace.

Curious Fluorious sees Baker & Borowski apply their own personal spin to Lewis Carroll’s iconic Alice in Wonderland, with impressive sculpture-like pieces that dominate the space with an enchanting glow that makes for the perfect selfie.

And last but by no means least, Squidsoup, which mesmerised the Wharf with its immersive walk-through installation, Submergence, last year, returns with Murmuration, where several hundred luminous orbs dance in a synergy of light and sound across Montgomery Square. Named after the captivating flight patterns of a group of starlings, the artwork’s lights, and trance-like sounds, navigate through the orbs and the space of the iconic Square.

The annual Winter Lights festival, which attracts over 400,000 visitors each year, will look to return in the future.

Connected by Light runs from 2 Dec 2020 until 27 Feb 2021 from dusk till 10pm daily. See


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