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London Eye: 4th Most Picturesque View Point in World, Says Instagram

The big circle in the sky does offer some pretty spectacular views overlooking the Thames...

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London has some incredible views to see if you know where to go to find them. 

Hampstead Heath and Ally Pally boast charming views of the city, and walk or ride across London Bridge to cast your eyes over the magnificence of Tower Bridge (or soak it up from one of these bars and restaurants with a drink in hand).  

However, according to research conducted by ParkSleepFly (a website that does what it says on the tin) the London Eye is the fourth most picturesque view point in the world, going by Instagram hashtags. 

It's all very scientific, but if it's on social media, kids, it must be true. 

The hashtag LondonEye was used on 3,403,710 posts on the social media, behind the Eifel Tower in the top place (7,016,648 hashtags).

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world found in Dubai (6,001,463 hashtags) at number two, and the Grand Canyon at number 3 (4,133,265 hashtags). 

And it's easy to see why the London Eye is amongst these iconic spots. 

From up top, the London Eye offers an unparalleled view overlooking Big Ben, Westminster, Tower Bridge and along the Thames' sprawling expanse. 

It's stuff to fall in love with London all over again. 

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