Hot on the heels of London Design Festival, south London borough Lambeth will be showing its artistic side by opening its art studios, artist’s homes and galleries to the public from 4th to 5th October.

This is the fifth year of Open Lambeth, a weekend that highlights the area’s exciting art scene showing paintings, sculptures, photography, textiles, jewellery and prints by local artists to the public. It also coincides with neighbouring borough Wandsworth’s Open House weekend, a scheme that sees London’s buildings open to the public often for the first time.

Among the spaces opening their doors during the event in Lambeth will be West Norwood’s Portico Gallery where visitors will be able to see work by new and established artists, this is also the venue for the launch of Lambeth Open on 3rd October, which the public is invited to join (6-9pm).

Organiser and artist Tim Sutton (who also organises the very successful Urban Art fair in Brixton) said: “This is an affordable way for artists in the borough to show their work and a very accessible way for visitors to see art and craft work, and meet the people who created them. Lambeth has a rich resource of creative people and we really should be showing this off to the rest of London.”

Visit for more information and to see a map of the open studios, homes and galleries


1 Matt Crump

Matt Crump’s latest works are assimilated from antiquarian books scoured from dusty corners around the UK, with original source material dating as far back as the late 17th Century. Through this “up-cycling” using scores of long forgotten images his pieces take on an immersive and detailed style with an air of the phrenological. By mixing 2D and stereoscopic techniques the past is reinvigorated back into hypnotic life with talismanic values.

Venue: 70a Strathleven Road, Brixton, SW2 5LB


2 David Degreef-Mounier


Matt Crump

David was born in France and has lived and worked in London since May 1997. His work is process-based and uses materials for their ability to be transformed, for their malleability and their metamorphic properties, in order to explore new landscapes of the mind. His research revolves around a quote by the French psychoanalyst and psychiatrist Jacques Marie Émile Lacan “I think where I am not, therefore I am where I do not think”. It translates in his work by a series of ongoing experiments where, by rejecting expectations and preconceptions, David is able to accept and assimilate what is happening here and now. He believes art is not simply an object, nor does it exist solely in the mind, rather it is the relationship between the two.

Venue: Warrior Studios, 241 Coldharbour Lane, Loughborough Junction, SW9 8RR


3 Steve Owen


David Megreef Mounier

Starting points for Steve’s paintings are often small collages made from the faded graphics in 50’s magazines or a chance set of marks found on an old wall. Each element in the paintings is carefully examined and may be subject to a process of chance and change throughout the period of its creation, with mark making, initial shapes and ancient collage material lying half concealed under washes of colour – half eroded and scratched away. What may appear spontaneous in the work often requires extended effort followed by subsequent obliteration and reworking.

Venue: Portico Gallery, 23a Knight’s Hill, West Norwood, SE27 0HS


4 Samantha Selby


Steve Owen

Samantha trained as a fine artist in the 1980’s. She has since worked as an artdirector and designer in TV and Film. She also continues to make her own work and over the last 8 years has been making ceramics. These large, handbuilt bowls tie together her interest in organic, painterly themes and  decorative ideas.

Venue: 48 Mount Ephraim Lane, Streatham, SW16 1JD


5 David Piddock


Samantha Selby

This is a chance for a sneak preview of new work before David’s solo exhibition at AdamGallery (London and Bath) at the end of the year. His work focuses on urban landscape around London that blends fact and fiction, past and present. The work has an enigmatic quality and makes innovative use of perspective to create unusual spatial effects. He also draws inspiration from London’s museums and collections.

Venue: 3 Corben Mews, Clyston Street, Vauxhall, SW8 4TX


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