In a Mayfair Fashion AR tour

Time Travel With Bridgerton Star On Mayfair AR Tour

Here's a different sort of guided tour that will take you around Mayfair's exquisite streets and through its history with Bridgerton Star as your guide...

Lead Photo: Mayfair London

Be guided around Mayfair by Bridgerton star Kathryn Drysdale on a time travelling, fashion and high society-loving augmented reality tour.

In a Mayfair Fashion is an AR tour which you can use around Mayfair by pointing your smart phone at the area's hotels, townhouses, public spaces, garden and squares to discover secret histories, from duelling dukes to the origins of the Queen's wedding flowers.

Kathryn Drysdale from Netflix’s hit Bridgerton, narrates the storie

Kathryn Drysdale from Netflix’s hit Bridgerton, narrates the storie - Alex Maguire

QR codes scattered across Mayfair will guide you to a web-based interactive map showing the location of the eight augmented reality experiences which reveal the secrets of Mayfair’s fashionable past.

Once users have arrived at the AR locations, they can launch the tour which overlays archive images and videos from the past over today’s locations, transporting the viewer back in time.

The eight locations include The Connaught Hotel, home of early 20th century balls and parties, a well as Browns Brook Street and Mercato Mayfair where you can view the high society wedding of the Earl of Harewood. 

An interactive web-based map will also pop up to reveal what happened in that particular area space - who was where and how it all came together to build Mayfair’s reputation as one of the liveliest places in London.

Kathryn Drysdale from Netflix’s hit Bridgerton, narrates the stories from across the iconic London locations, starting at Grosvenor Square - the home of the Bridgerton family and sport for Mayfair's high society to see and be seen.

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