Today performance artist Marina Abramovic reaches the halfway point in her Serpentine Gallery Show 512 hours. To mark the occasion, the Serpentine, in collaboration with The Space, will release a short series of diaries with some of the gallery’s visitors so far

At 6pm today, Marina Abramovic will meet the 256th hour of her experimental art show 512 Hours. Since its opening in June, 64,277 people have visited the exhibition, with up to 160 people allowed in at any one time. Each day, Marina Abramović opens the Gallery doors and greets every visitor as they enter. Following the simple instructions they are given before entering, visitors divest themselves of their mobile phones, watches and baggage and enter into a white gallery bare of anything aside from Marina Abramović herself and ten Gallery Assistants. With the artist herself saying ‘I don’t know what to expect,’ nobody knew quite what form the performance would take over the coming weeks and months. 

Through a daily video diary co-broadcast on,,, and, Marina Abramović has offered small insights into the developments of the show. Today, as a marker for the show’s halfway point, viewers of the Space will get the opportunity to gauge how the participants themselves have experienced the performance through filmed testimonials in addition to Marina Abramović’s regular daily diary.


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