A new immersive attraction has opened featuring stunning digital projections from the BBC's world famous natural history unit, with national treasure Sir David Attenborough as your guide.

The BBC Earth Experience has taken up residence in Earl's Court allowing visitors to get up close to spectacular footage and music from BBC Studio's 'Seven Worlds One Planet' series.

Sir David, who is 97, attended a private preview before it opened its doors to the public today on Thursday, March 30. 

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The Resident: The hour-long experience features giant digital projections of natureThe hour-long experience features giant digital projections of nature (Image: BBC Earth Experience)

Housed in the low-carbon Daikin Centre, which minimises waste and conserves water, the main room literally takes you around the world in seven continents; from the lush but endangered Amazon rainforests, to the Penguin colony at South Georgia.

As you wander around the space, the incredible variety of the earth's natural phenomena and species are projected several feet high in crystal-clear definition.

You can weather a raging tornado, see a forest of fireflies, or experience the Northern Lights; follow a polar bear chasing its prey, or a prairie dog protecting its young, or fighting elephant seals.

The Resident: Get up close to the wonder of natural phenomena; tornadoes, stars and the Northern LightsGet up close to the wonder of natural phenomena; tornadoes, stars and the Northern Lights (Image: BBC Earth Experience)

Some cool side rooms include Water Life, which feels like being immersed in a giant tank, with movement-sensitive screens of bubbles, and shoals of fish.

The Micro-Life section has multiple screens showing the vivid colours of the natural world; flowers blooming, fly traps closing, butterflies flapping, and insects feeding. If you dare, you can enter a darker room and press down the red button to encounter spiders and other grubs that tap into our primal antipathy for creepy crawlies.

You can go up to a balcony, or sit on benches, as the film follows its hour-long loop. When you are ready to leave, the final room packs the environmental punch that has characterised Sir David's life's work.

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The Resident: The final view of the experience is of the Earth with starsThe final view of the experience is of the Earth with stars (Image: BBC Earth Experience)

In a pitch dark room, a revolving blue marble turns to show the earth's continents. His message is; you have just witnessed the beauty of nature, now it's up to you to protect it.

The BBC Earth Experience is suitable for all ages; Child tickets for ages 3-15 £28, adult tickets £32.50. 

Address: The Daikin Centre, Earl's Court, Empress Place SW6 1TT

Website: bbcearthexperience.com