A huge yoga studio will open in Spitalfields this March claiming to be the biggest in Europe and inviting you to wear your PJs to class and drink a glass of wine as well. 

Set to open March 17, Mission will take over a four-storey 15,000 square foot warehouse on Fashion Street in the East End so even if it's not the biggest studio in Europe (and the UK), it’s still pretty large. 

Calling Mission a yoga studio would be like calling London a sweet little town - it belies the scale of the venture. 

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The studio will actually be five yoga studios that will sit alongside three treatment rooms, a gym, a sauna and a retail space. 

Mission will also have a roof terrace for views across the City skyline and a casual top-floor restaurant called Maene. 

It also wants to separate itself from yogi puritans and the militant zen, while still offering up solid classes based in a respect of yoga's roots. 

Basically, if you want to drink wine and eat whatever you want to eat, no one is going to hand you a low-cal acai shake to try instead as they start to preach to you about the joys of clean living while burning sage. 

Mission is also keen for you to rock up to a class in outfits you feel comfortable in - even if that outfit is your size 16 pyjamas - and is for all ability levels, ages, body sizes. You get the picture - it's an inclusive space. 

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The wellbeing monolith will also offer a tiered membership scheme in an effort to make yoga more accessible to more people, and will hold Rocket, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Mysore-style Ashtanga, hot yoga and Kundalini.

Alongside traditional yoga classes, the studio will offer movement classes of the likes of Calisthenics, capoeira, handstand classes and ballet, as well as meditation, Pilates and breathwork classes. 

For more information visit mission-e1.com