Carnaby's Christmas Lights installations have been drawing a crowd for the past 25 years.

Each festive season, the buzzy west end district lights up the sky with its iconic bright and bold displays in partnership with refugee and displaced communities support charity Choose Love.

And now, you have a chance to take a piece of the magic home. 

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Having accrued quite the stash of iconography, it's been decided that now is the time to give it away. 

The Resident: Chose from a Rolling Stones disc or a robin Chose from a Rolling Stones disc or a robin (Image: Carnaby)

In exchange for a donation, Londoners - and whoever can get to Foubert's Place tomorrow for that matter - can take either a Rolling Stones disc or a robin home. 

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Head to 15-17 Foubert's Place, tomorrow, Thursday, February 9, between 12pm-2pm to take a piece of history home.

Suggested donation starts from £5 and proceeds will go to Choose Love, which is currently raising funds for humanitarian aid in the Ukraine, as well as supporting various communities and people across the globe.