The Centre for British Photography will open its doors in Mayfair later this month and will kick things off with two major exhibitions.  

Opening Thursday January 26, the centre will host Headstrong, a collection of self-portraits looking at women and empowerment co-curated by the campaign group Fast Forward: Women in Photography.  

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The English at Home is an overview of British photography and contains close to 150 modern works from the impressive Hyman Collection that are loosely connected by the idea of home.  

The centre will also open with four spotlights on bodies of work by Jo Spence, Natasha Carana, Heather Agyepong, and Andrew Bruce and Anna Fox. 

The Centre of British Photography is built on the Hyman Collection - one of the world's top collections of British photography featuring more than 3,000 works by the likes of Bill Brandt, Bert Hardy, Daniel Meadows, Jo Spence, Karen Knorr, Anna Fox and Heather Agyepong, so naturally, it contains some pretty great stuff.  

Due to open by the end of January 2023, the centre will present the diversity of British photography from the 1900s to present day, as well as an historical overview.  

The centre itself will run across three floors, hosts as programme of cultural events alongside exhibitions and entry will be free.  

Address: 49 Jermyn St, St. James's, SW1Y 6LX