A new year will soon begin but there’s still the unpredictable coldness of winter for a little longer.

Cold and damp days don’t make the best mix for washing our clothes and getting them dry and as those loads build up, it’s easy to get colours jumbled with often, a crisp white shirt bearing the consequences!

Colour Catcher sheet, the number one laundry sheet for colour protection, has shared some tips to maximise your wardrobe this winter while protecting those vulnerable lighter coloured clothes.

1. Mix it up and experiment with colour

Separating lights from darks can sometimes be a chore but by adding a Colour Catcher to the washing load, you can confidently mix colours and whites without any loose dye ruining the lighter coloured clothes. Ultimately, it helps save time from sorting through loads and also reduces the number of wash cycles. With energy bills at the forefront for everyone, it’s a tick on that list!

2. Layers, layers and more layers

With the unpredictability of the UK temperatures, layers are key in any season but in winter, it’s the perfect opportunity for creating countless new looks from existing clothes, while helping to cut down on fast fashion, too.

Keep the layers on the lighter side but mix in one bulky piece such as a chunky knit for extra cosiness. A fun way of layering with button-up shirts is by wearing a knitted jumper on top and allowing the collar, cuffs and sleeves of the shirt to pop-out. This gives a smart finish to an outfit and looks great with a mix of winter colours. Dungarees are also ideal for layering; wear long-sleeved tops and turtlenecks and layer with a comfy cardi.

3. Don’t forget about accessories

Staples such as black jeans and coloured tops can serve well as a ‘workplace wardrobe’ but to liven things up, dust off a bold scarf or pashmina lurking at the bottom of the wardrobe. A headscarf can help with a bad hair day and think about how your make-up and certain hues can complement an outfit with maybe a colour pop on the lips.

Encompassing these extra pieces will help make you feel like you’re wearing a different outfit, even if you’re in the same jeans and top as last week. Have a good look through your clothes and think about what you wear all the time, staple items may be just two or three basic types of clothing but having multiple versions of your favourite go-to pieces will certainly save time in the mornings.

4. Prevent dullness and extend the life of your favourite jeans

Everyone has a favourite pair of jeans but to avoid having to replace them more often than necessary, a Colour Catcher sheet - made of 100 per cent naturally-derived fibres and free from microplastic fibre – can help catch loose dye and prevent fading during washing. Washing them inside out will also help and protect the fabric from friction and direct exposure from detergent – which is partly what produces fading. Even if not seen by the naked eye, traces of dye may also deposit in every wash and build up a layer of mixed colours on your favourite jeans over time, resulting in dullness. Using these steps for careful TLC will help to extend the shelf-life of your favourite jeans which is a more sustainable option and not only maximises your wardrobe choices, but also helps to save money at the same time.

Colour Catcher is available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Wilko, ASDA and other stores.

For more information visit colourcatcher.co.uk