Searching for a truly timeless gift for your loved ones this festive season? 

Few accessories can match the sophistication of a handmade, natural leather wallet. Historically, master craftsmen would take the finest materials and create priceless pieces with traditional tools. Lagarto, creators of luxury leather wallets and accessories, are bringing these perennial pieces back into the modern world. 

“The philosophy behind our products is to combine the highest quality, exotic materials with time-honoured practices and sustainable sourcing,” reveals Nicholas Hui, director at Lagarto. 

Nicholas talks to us about their collections, the bespoke nature of each wallet and what makes them a truly luxurious accessory.  

1. Ageless precious materials  

Amongst a wealth of superior aesthetic aspects, one of the most striking is the delicately inlaid gems within the corners of the wallet. Utilising the durability and vibrance of platinum, as well as the renowned majesty of 18-carat gold, master jewellers create corner hardware with beautifully cut diamonds inserted into the precious metals.  

“Both of our current collections, the Master-Line and Master-Class wallets, incorporate platinum or gold Gemini corners,” explains Nicholas. “However, it's our Master-Class collection that boasts such brilliant, clear-cut diamonds carefully inlaid into the precious metal. 

“Our master jeweller employs a specialised pavé technique to fasten the diamonds to the gold or platinum corners. We also use laser engraving to mark the recipient's initials on the gold or platinum to add a personalised touch to each wallet.” 

The Resident: Every Lagarto wallet arrives nestled within an elegant wooden box, containing a certificate signed by the artisanEvery Lagarto wallet arrives nestled within an elegant wooden box, containing a certificate signed by the artisan (Image: Matthew Pun)

2. Bespoke natural leather  

Creating a richly textured, high-end wallet requires the finest materials. Crocodile leather has been used to produce accessories for decades, breathing an air of confidence and discernment into your ensemble. Instantly recognisable thanks to the natural pattern of rectangular scales, this rare and prestigious leather ensures that each wallet is completely unique. 

“Whilst all of our pieces have their own individual characteristics, there are some differences between our collections,” says Nicholas. “The Master-Class design tends towards rarer crocodile finishes, like a gloss bubble-textured one, a perfect example being our Jubilee style in which the finished leather reflects the light beautifully.  

“Our Master-Line wallets have a sleek matte finish which accentuates the natural boldness of the crocodile. For those seeking a more supple leather, wallets made from ostrich provide an elegant alternative. The characteristic polka-dot pattern of ostrich leather has cemented its place as a firm favourite amongst artisans as well as connoisseurs.” 

3. A meticulous creative process 

In order to infuse their timeless accessories with the atmosphere of historical periods, Lagarto’s artisans utilise classical techniques to create their masterpieces. Hand-selecting the best raw materials and focusing on the most striking parts of the leather, the craftsmen carefully cut each section by hand whilst minding the natural textures. 

“There is no element of our creation process where mass production is introduced,” Nicholas tells us. “Time and expertise are the two driving forces behind our products, whether it’s the first cut, the finishes or the final painting. Our artisans have perfected the techniques at their disposal and honed their natural talent to ensure each wallet is as eye-catching and distinctive as the last. 

“This attention to detail is spread throughout our range – from our compact card holders and bi-folds with a delicate calf leather interior, to full-size wallets that promise functionality and an unmatched aesthetic.” 

The Resident: Wallets made from crocodile leather each have their own unique, natural patternWallets made from crocodile leather each have their own unique, natural pattern (Image: Matthew Pun)

4. Sustainable sourcing 

To protect the survival of animal species, defend their ecosystems and support rural communities across the globe, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was set up in 1975. Lagarto have pledged to support CITES and sustainably source all of their materials from reputable providers. 

“Nothing that we use for the creation of our luxury items is taken from wild populations,” explains Nicholas. “We work closely with crocodile and ostrich farms worldwide, in many communities that rely on agriculture and animal husbandry as their main source of income and food. These animals aren’t just utilised for their leather, but are a major lifeline for these rural communities.  

“In addition, 10 per cent of the crocodiles raised on these farms are released back into the wild – bolstering the wild populations and preserving our essential ecosystems.” 

5. A symbol of achievement 

Identity is comprised of many aspects – your lifestyle, your job and your outfit all play crucial roles in helping you express your personality. A handmade, exquisitely crafted wallet symbolises a drive for excellence and a love of individuality. 

“We want our wallets to inspire people to achieve their own personal goals,” says Nicholas. “A key part of our philosophy is that by using the finest materials and time-honoured techniques to create individual works of art, we can provide an accessory that encapsulates your vision to pursue your dreams.” 

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