Discover the next Jasper Conran or Kelly Hoppen at the UK’s largest graduate design exhibition. During viewing sessions from 24-27 June and 1-4 July, the Business Design Centre in Islington will host New Designers, featuring inspired work by countless newcomers. One Year On forms part of the 30th anniversary celebrations, showcasing 60 designers who are already making their mark – and here we pick out 12 to watch

1 Adam Henderson

Incorporating tech and accessories, Adam definitely abides by the futuristic theme. Brooches and rings featuring grungy metallic circuit boards, the result of his love of experimental techniques, quickly grow on you. Certain pieces such as the one brooch featuring a distorted QR code would be a cool little showpiece to jazz up any work desk – the QR pins can even be customized to display your own website’s code.

2 Augusta Akerman


Adam Henderson’s Component Rings

The trained illustrator’s unique drawn surface patterns are sans the ‘playroom’ feel, and are trendy with a strong sense of purpose behind them. Caricatures of animals against a bold colour and abstract depictions of migrations are her forte, and will always prompt admiration from viewers.

3 Beth Lewis-Williams

When a quick holiday isn’t an option, Beth’s porcelain lamps are exactly what you need to chill out after a long day. The landscapes printed on the lithopane reflect what Beth calls a ‘rural nostalgia’, highlighting images like fairytale-esque forests and calm beaches. Beth’s lights are the perfect addition to any bedroom to add a hint of character.

4 Charlotte Brocklehurst


Beth Lewis-Williams’ Towerblock1 and Ramsgate creations

Using wood and glass elements, Charlotte blends form and function and a subtle dose of contemporary. Made entirely in Britain, the collection of bowls and tubs signify a ‘less is more’ approach that still appreciates the necessity of a pop of colour.

5 Chloe J Mellen


The less is more approach of Charlotte Brocklehurst works a treat

Her quirky persona matches her out-there concept, which fuses together old-fashioned vintage accessories and daily wear items. Chloe rubbishes gender constraints to create some spectacular accessories like intricate tie clips inspired by antique brooches and monocle pendants. Perfect for a hipster look.

6 Emma McFarline

Using street graffiti as her muse, Emma merges the controversial (but colourful) art into understated aspects of accessorizing, like pendants and rings. Definitely bold, but just enough to add a hint of rebel to any look.

7 Frank Milani


Various rings from Emma McFarline’s Wall to Wall collection

A little less artsy than the rest of the list, but ever-so helpful, is the Popcord. If you haven’t already heard, it’s both a key-ring and charging device that is sleek and functional. You won’t have to worry about lugging around your charger, but simply have it on you when you head out the door.

8 Gianluca Mingolla


The Popcord is something we all need

Gianluca’s quality craftsmanship is clear in his ‘London By Night’ collection, but his creativity single-handedly transforms a seemingly simple wooden nightstand into a masterpiece. From a distance its surface seems messy and confusing; however a closer inspection leads you to realise that the laser image is in fact satellite images of London.

9 Heather Scott


Look closely to see London by Night

Heather’s mod sushi plates have to be the newest additions to your kitchen. Glossy and simplistic, the plates are incredibly practical, but still look really fancy. Her luxe charcuterie boards similarly exemplify her belief in the importance of a balance between functionality and design.

10 Laura Muir

‘Knit Knot Knit’ is a nod to cosy comfort and the popular notion that bigger is always better. The desire to stay warm is one that is timeless, which is exactly why Laura’s colourful and fun creations will remain a staple in your closet for years to come. Her super-sized scarves would make the perfect gifts for loved ones when the holiday season rolls around.

11 Rachel Lovatt


Laura Muir’s Knit Knot Knit

Rachel’s products are going to be ones that you’ll definitely want to pass down. The theme of surrealist folktales and myths that her scarves and covers feature creates a sense of agelessness and eternal stylishness. Walking down the street in a silk scarf with a beautiful depiction of Pegasus sporting butterfly wings are bound to turn heads, and pillowcases with maps marked on animals would be perfect as a wild card in a sombre room.

12 Sarah King


A collection of Rachel Lovatt’s scarves and cushions

Sarah’s items are probably the ones the family would make the most use of. Her brand, Vive Play, look at making traditional board games more vibrant. With neon noughts and crosses and bright plastic counters on a transparent chess board, Vive Play will easily make spending time with the little ones a lot more fun and give you a distinctive centrepiece to work with.

Words: Maryam Rasheed


Sarah King’s Vive Play certainly livens things up

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