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Wayne is a retired City lawyer who grew up in New Zealand and now lives in south London. His Italian father made wine in his shed, which probably inspired Wayne's interest in wine. He began writing about wine in 2006 and has visited wineries in several countries.

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The Best Affordable Californian Wines Available in the UK

South London wine expert Wayne de Nicolo is a big fan of Californian wines, believing they more than hold their own against some of the French classics. But they can be pricey… Here, he picks out some of the best affordable bottles from ‘the grape state’   


Three of the Best Wines from the Mentzendorff Portfolio

South London wine expert Wayne de Nicolo reports back on a portfolio tasting for Bermondsey-based wine shippers, Mentzendorff & Co


Coronavirus: The Impact of Covid-19 on the World’s Wine Trade

Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on humanity and business across the globe, and the wine trade is one of many sectors profoundly affected


11 of New Zealand’s Best Wines

Home to the southern-most winemaking region in the world and a hugely varying geography, what is it that makes New Zealand wines so special? 


10 of the Best Australian Wines

From chardonay to shiraz, Australia has been churning out top class wines for centuries, and following the recent devastating bush fires, there’s never been a better time to show them some love…


Alsace Wines: The Best Bottles from this Underrated Region

Alsace has been producing wine since Roman times – even Shakespeare was in love with them – but the wines of this region are not as well known in the UK as they deserve to be…


Christmas Day Wines: What to Serve with Christmas Dinner

Preparing Christmas Day lunch can be a major undertaking, especially if it is for a house full of family and friends. Choosing what wines to have, especially with the turkey, requires some planning though fortunately not much labour…


Why Californian Wines Are the Best in the World & Which Ones to Buy

Are we California dreaming, or are top level Californian wines beating the socks off the French classics? South London wine expert Wayne de Nicolo unravels the controversy


English Wines: Why Our Sparkling Wines are Way Ahead of the Stills

Wayne De Nicolo heads for WineGB’s annual trade and press tasting and finds that English sparkling wines can rival some of the best champagnes, but our still wines still have a way to go  


Last of the Summer Wine: The Best Whites & Rosés for Late Summer

Grown tired of rosé all day? South London wine writer Wayne de Nicolo goes on the hunt for the perfect summer wine…