Ben Thomas, Headmaster at Thomas’s Battersea, Prince George’s £6,000-a-term private preparatory school, where he discusses the importance of a broad curriculum… 

Words: Madeleine Howell
This interview first appeared in SW Resident in October 2016

Ben Thomas, Headmaster at Prince George's school, Thomas's Battersea, admits that he is not a fan of the 11+

As our children return to school, it’s important to foster a love of learning that reaches beyond exam results and league tables. For Ben Thomas, who has been the Headmaster at Thomas’s in Battersea for 17 years, it’s ‘a drum that [he] has to bang harder and harder, because of the surge in competition to achieve results’.

Thomas has concerns over the pressures of the 11+, and suggests that too much focus on box-ticking can be counter-productive: ‘The exam reduces everything to English, Maths and reasoning, at an age where children’s minds ought to be being opened to the wonders of the world, and to the fascinating possibilities of science,’ he explains. ‘I’m not a huge fan of the 11+ process at all, and I wish we could find a better way.’

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