Working from Home: 5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office

With so many of us taking our work out of the office and into our homes, there has never been a more popular time to rethink the study space into your very own home office

It’s all about creating a comfortable environment that allows creativity and productivity to flow freely, so choosing the right furnitureis integral to making a customised space for your business to develop. Check out these top 5 tips for creating the perfect home office:

1 Space
Whether your home office space is compact or large, opening up the area is key. Keep the colour palette neutral and bright to make the space seem larger, while ensuring there’s as much natural light as possible.

2 The Desk
You’re going to need a desk with enough space for that all-important to-do list, a laptop and any paperwork, right? Be sure to keep all your stationery essentials easy to reach by opting for a desk with storage, like the Soren or the Phoenix from Cult Furniture.

3 The Office Chair
Your home office chair is probably the most important part of the jigsaw, and choosing the right one for you comes down to style and comfort. The Moda comes in various designs, from the traditional to something chic, such as the new velvet armchair model.

4 The Lighting
If your working day means a busy morning, or a jam-packed evening, then creating the perfect lighting will at least ease the stress on tired eyes. Choose a statement floor lamp if you have a lot of space, while a modern desk lamp offers versatility.

5 The Accessories
This is where you can make it your own. Tap into the latest trends, such as gold and copper ornaments, or focus on artwork that inspires you. The choice is yours!

However you decide to redesign your home office, be true to your personal style but keep comfort in the forefront of your plans as, with the rise in working from home, this space could soon become your regular 9-5 spot.

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