These Waterproof Wallpapers are Revolutionising Bathroom Design

Wallpaper can be a bit of a tricksy addition to the steamy hot environs of the bathroom. Not any more – West One Bathrooms recently launched its latest collection of Wall&Deco Wet System waterproof wallpaper, which allows you to go to town with adding colour and pattern to the room without fear of it peeling off over time.

Wall&Deco’s Wet System is a patent-pending technical wall finishing for damp environments – think kitchens, fitness centers and spas, too – that combines the waterproof properties of liquid membranes with the highly decorative features of Wall&decò wall coverings in one system.

In fact, it’s so waterproof, you can even wallpaper your shower, so forget faffing about with intricate patterns of mosaic tiles, that hotel-style bathroom can be yours in no time.

The watertight decorative wall coverings are suitable for application on surfaces made out of cement, plasterboard, concrete, glass and ceramic tiles, and are resistant against yellowing and can stand up to aggressive household cleaning detergents.

Wall&Deco Wet System is £156 per sq m from westonebathrooms.com


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