Special Delivery: The New Postal Service for Easy Seasonal Interiors

Interior styling is something that most of us do once every few years at best. A living room refresh is a big project, and other than the odd new houseplant or cushion, your carefully considered decor soon gets lost in the chaos of daily life.

But what if a new look could magically arrive through the post with the start of each season? Nothing dramatic, just a few carefully chosen pieces to update your living space – scents, fresh flowers, table vignettes (if you’re not hooked on them on Pinterest, get involved), perfect prints and – because if it ain’t a holistic approach we ain’t interested – a seasonal recipe.

Well now it can, with the arrival of From The Post House, curated by ex-fashion buyer and interior stylist Hannah Risbridger in East Sussex and co-founded with her neighbour, PR executive Anne Kapranos.

A beautifully packaged box full of everything you need to help your create an Instagram-worthy look in your home will be delivered straight to your door each season – drawing from a different region of the UK each quarter.

Autumn is all about the bountiful harvests and russet colours from the High Weald of Kent and East Sussex – an evocative mix of locally produced bespoke scents, British-grown flowers, those aforementioned table vignettes, a quince chutney recipe from The Small Holding restaurant in Kent, tips from the finest chefs in the area and beautifully illustrated instructions and tips on how to style the products.

Perhaps, as we usher in a new era of Positive Luxury and responsible consumerism, you’re wondering if all this is a wise idea? But careful consideration has been given to the sustainability of every product, and each box – created using environmentally friendly packaging – will feature one artisan from the region to support local industry.

‘The sustainability of every product has been considered carefully’

Plus, social media channels will offer suggestions for re-styling and re-purposing the items so that they can be re-used for years to come.

The curated contents will be a surprise each time, but you can expect full blooms in spring and summer, and a combination of fresh flowers and dried stems in the colder months.

And if your thoughts have dared to drift beyond autumn to Christmas, From The Post House is launching two special festive boxes featuring artisanal produce from two different regions in the UK.

Each season, items are sourced from a specific region of the UK

Delivered from the start of December, the Winter Box is all about the dramatic, wintry beauty of the Scottish Highlands, combining forest greens, icy whites and reflective brass finishes to create a contemporary seasonal take on Christmas decor.

Featuring Scottish artisans like Clod & Pebble, the box will contain locally designed porcelain tree decorations, hand-made seasonal note-cards, a hand-thrown stoneware pot for displaying bunches of foraged holly, brass candle holders and velvet ribbon.

‘If your thoughts have dared to drift beyond autumn to Christmas, From The Post House is launching two special festive boxes’

As well as giving tips to create unique festive table settings, the curated box will feature a brass ring and selection of wild foliage, thistles and berries that you can create at home, giving the traditional Christmas wreath a natural, stylish update.

Then there’s the Winter Luxe Box, which features a cushion cover by Highlands designer Inchyra Fabrics in an exclusive linen colourway, as well as a beautiful plate designed for fireside mince pies.

As well as a seasonal subscription, the boxes can be bought as a one-off seasonal treat, or a unique gift accompanied by a handwritten note.

Delivery is available nationwide starting from £85 per box as part of a quarterly subscription. See


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