Richmond upon Thames Ranked the Best Place to Live in London

Richmond upon Thames – London’s greenest borough and the only one to span both sides of the River Thames – is the best place to live in London, according to data collected by Attic Self Storage

Lead image: Richmond upon Thames

Deciding where to live when moving into, up-sizing or downsizing in London can be tricky, so Attic Self Storage has created an interactive map to help you can find the right area of London for you.

Complied using authoritative data sets (including those from the Government, the Metropolitan Police Service and Vivid Economics), plus surveys conducted among London residents, Attic Self Storage has plugged the data sets into an interactive map. Simply filter according to the criteria that matter most to you to find your ideal borough.

Interestingly, all three of the ‘best boroughs’ lie on the outskirts of London – with Richmond coming out top as London’s best borough overall, closely followed by Bromley and Sutton – while the more central boroughs Lambeth and Islington score the lowest. Perhaps we all simply crave the quiet life?

The factors taken into account when compiling the map include Happiness, Safety, Education, Affordability and Green Space.


Attic Self Storage has created an interactive map, where you can filter by the criteria that matter to you most. Click the image to give it a go…

If safety is crucial to you, the three London boroughs with the lowest crime rate are Bexley, Kingston upon Thames and Sutton. For happiness, Kensington and Chelsea, Kingston upon Thames and Bromley rank highest on the happiness index. At the other end of the scale, Islington has been ranked the unhappiest borough, followed by Hackney.

For happiness, Kensington and Chelsea, Kingston upon Thames and Bromley rank highest on the happiness index. Islington has been ranked the unhappiest borough

If cool factor is your kryptonite, then an impressive 41% of survey respondents say Southwark and the City of London is the coolest area in the city. Camden has been voted the second coolest borough, followed by Kensington and Chelsea.

‘Moving to a new city can be daunting, especially one as large and varied as London,’ said Frederic de Ryckman de Betz, CEO at Attic Self Storage.

‘We’ve created this interactive piece with a view to helping people who may be considering relocating to decide where in the city would suit them best, whatever their priorities.’

Click here to view the Attic Self Storage interactive map 

London’s best boroughs at a glance

1. Richmond upon Thames
2. Bromley
3. Sutton
4. Kingston upon Thames
5. Ealing
6. Greenwich
7. Merton
8. Waltham Forest
9. Barnet
10. Kensington and Chelsea

London’s worst boroughs at a glance

32. Lambeth
31. Islington
30. Brent
29. Haringey
28. Westminster


London’s happiest boroughs

Kensington and Chelsea is the happiest area in London and 38% of London residents surveyed said they would like to live here the most Kingston upon Thames takes second place for happiness, followed by Bromley Islington is the unhappiest area in London, followed by Hackney and Havering Residents of the capital have deemed Southwark and the City of London the friendliest area, and Havering as the least friendly

London’s coolest boroughs 

Southwark and the City of London has been voted the coolest area in London, with Camden taking second place and Kensington and Chelsea third Over 50% voted Southwark and the City of London as being the best area for a night out in the capital Merton, Hounslow, Havering and Haringey all draw in last place as being the least cool place in the city

London’s safest boroughs

Bexley has the lowest crime rate of all London areas with Kingston upon Thames in second and Sutton in third Westminster has the worst crime rate in the capital with over twice the amount of instances of the London average and over 5 times as many as Bexley, the safest area Lambeth has the second worst crime and Camden has the third worst

London’s best boroughs for education

Southwark and the City of London draw in first place as having the highest amount of outstanding schools, closely followed by Hammersmith and Fulham Enfield has the least amount of outstanding schools Wandsworth, Kingston upon Thames, Croydon and Barking and Dagenham draw in second from last spot

London’s greenest borough

Richmond upon Thames has the highest amount of greenery with over double the London average Merton comes in second place, followed by Hounslow Newham has the least amount of greenery in London, after Hammersmith and Fulham, Southwark and the City of London

London’s most affordable borough 

Bexley has the cheapest average rental price in the capital followed by Havering and Barking and Dagenham Kensington and Chelsea has the most expensive average rental price, with rent costing nearly four times more than in Bexley, the cheapest area Westminster takes second from last place and Camden third from last as the least affordable boroughs

London’s quietest boroughs 

Tower Hamlets is the quietest area in London, followed by Sutton and Waltham Forest Islington is the loudest area in the capital, after Enfield and Bexley


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