Kew House and Vaulted House in Chiswick are the latest properties to be shortlisted for the RIBA House of the Year award

A converted 19th century stable in Kew and a family home in Chiswick have been nominated for the annual House of the Year awards run by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

The nominees are being revealed in a four part TV series for Channel 4, Grand Designs: House of the Year before the winner is announced on screen on Wednesday 25 November.

Kew House, designed by Piercy & Company, and the Vaulted House, by vPPR Architects, join Flint House in Buckinghamshire and Sussex House in West Sussex in the line-up for the prestigious title.

Look around the stunning South West London properties below:

Kew House, Kew

This four bedroom family house was completed in 2014 and was formed of two prefabricated weathering steel volumes inserted behind a retained 19th century stable wall. Split into two wings, the simple plan makes the most of a constrained site and responds to the living patterns of the young family.  

Built on the walled site of a former taxi garage, this family home is almost entirely hidden in the middle of a Victorian block in Chiswick.  The house is arranged so that on entry, there are two levels, with stairs leading up to the open-plan living level, and down to the lower level of bedrooms. The six roofs, each topped by a skylight, are lifted above the enclosing boundary wall. In two places, the vaulted roofs are absent, leaving two storey deep voids that act as garden courtyards for the basement level bedrooms and children’s playroom. Glazed walls slide back to expand the living space onto balconies that project into the voids, formed with perforated mesh. 


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