Start 2017 with a spring in your step with these simple ways to inject new life into your home

Lara Sargent, Houzz Contributor

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Lead image: Buckinghamshire Residence by LLI Design – Alex Maguire

Photo by Juliette Byrne

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Reboot your bedroom
Why not give your bedroom a very simple refresh with a brand new set of bed linen? After all, there’s nothing nicer than climbing into a bed made up with freshly laundered sheets. Stick to crisp whites and soft neutrals – and treat yourself to flowers by the bed for an uplifting hint of spring.

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Photo by Sweet William

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Hang up your art
I’m guilty of this one. Whether it’s old photos that need framing or beautiful ceramic plaques that would look far better on the wall than shoved in a cupboard, many of us have images, prints and artwork that desperately need hanging up.

If you’re struggling to find the right place for each piece, you can’t go wrong if you simply group them en masse to create an ever-evolving art gallery that will freshen a space and draw the eye.

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Photo by Gabriel Holland Interior Design

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Do a paint job
It’s such an easy fix, but so very effective. Channel your inner colour guru and paint one wall in that dramatic shade you’ve been hankering after. This deep grey-blue adds a new dimension to this room, or try a panel of a zingy bright or fresh pastel.

Photo by Chris A Dorsey Photography

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Display your treasures
It’s one of my big interiors bugbears, and, hands up, I’m guilty of this one, too. If you have a stash of pretty china, vintage paperweights, old ornaments – or any collection of treasures you adore – hidden away behind cupboard doors, then dust them off and put them on display. They will add interest to the room and give you a lift every time you walk in.

Photo by Paul Craig Photography

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Beautify your bathroom
If you’ve gradually let the shampoo bottles and tubs of body cream take over your bathroom surfaces, stashing away all of your lotions and potions will instantly freshen up the space.

Photo by Brian O’Tuama Architects

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Stretch to a new splashback
OK, it’s a slightly bigger project than adding a few cushions, but fitting a new splashback will pep up your kitchen no end. A strip of bold colour will lift a neutral scheme, or try a slab of a luxurious material, such as marble, for a kitchen that will feel like new.

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Clean up your act
Finally, once all the Christmas gifts have found a new home and the last decoration has been stashed away for another year, why not give the house a deep clean? It’s a sure-fire way to add fresh sparkle to your home. After all the festive cooking and entertaining that’s gone on, it’s a great idea to get scrubbing so you can start 2017 with a fresh slate.


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