The Notting Hill home that’s a family’s dream


We are always keen to peek behind the doors of some of London’s finest homes. Take this Notting Hill property, where we are given a guided tour by interior designer Roselind Wilson

Maybe it’s the child in us, but when The Grove resident was on the lookout for a local property to introduce this new ‘real home’ section, we were immediately won over by an image of a playroom with what appeared to be paint dripping down the walls. We had found the one. ‘The playroom was all about being a sanctuary for the children,’ explains Roselind Wilson, the interior designer who worked alongside architect Michaelis Boyd on the Notting Hill property. ‘A place for them to feel comfortable and at ease, where they could play and do their homework. It extended into the garden, making it the ideal zone just for them.’

Dig a little deeper into the project and you can see why Roselind’s company was so keen to get involved. ‘Working within the constraints of a tight budget, we were brought in to consult on the electrics and lighting, define the palette and help the client furnish this characterful period property in West London. Having a young family, the client was adamant that all fabrics and finishes had to be durable and easy to clean. This remained the essence of the approach to the interior design.’

As well as the brief, there was also one aspect that was key in the planning stages. ‘The client had a very specific artwork collection,’ Roselind says, ‘pieces procured over the years. They all told a story and were actually very diverse in style, thus adding character and personality to the space. Working alongside the architect, the artwork formed the foundation of the scheme together with a crisp backdrop of white painted walls, with the client highlighting the sense of space created by clever and calculated use of light in the scheme.’ This is no more apparent than in the dining/family room, as Roselind points out: ‘The windows in the dining room had this marvellous aspect and allowed a wonderful flood of light into this space.’


Just as the children got their very own playroom, the adults didn’t miss out either. ‘The lounge was really the only room in the house where any hierarchy was applied,’ Roselind says. ‘This room remained off limits to the children and so here the client wanted a different, more formal feel. We used a soft citrine silk effect wallpaper and furnishings to complement the rug, which was an existing piece.’


A climbing wall in the playroom keeps the children active

A wonderful project and just one example of the kind of work produced by Roselind Wilson Design studio, with our interviewee making it clear they are not stereotyped by any one style. The work of theirs we have seen is fantastic and it’s no surprise to learn the company is local too. ‘Queens Park is the new hub of creativity and design thanks to Tom Dixon taking residence in our area,’ Roselind enthuses about where they are based. ‘Our studio is located in the private street of Lonsdale Road where we rub shoulders with The Interior Design School, two architects’ practices, Bill Amberg’s head office and Rupert Bevan design – together with some wonderful restaurants and artisan bakeries and delis. It’s a dynamic area to work in.’

To finish, we go back to where we began with the children’s playroom and a question about its look. ‘With white walls and white joinery we did not want to be too fussy when it came to colour,’ Roselind is happy to humour us. ‘Knowing the children’s toys and books would add bursts of colour, we just used these to accessorise and add a sense of playfulness against the paint dripping wallpaper and red joinery upholstery to give it that wow impact.’ Wow impact indeed.

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