5 Tops Tips for Minimalist Living

A minimalist lifestyle is something that a lot of us strive towards but don’t always know where to start. Whether you’re already leaning towards a minimal interior at home and just want to perfect it, or you struggle with clutter and want to learn how to stay on top of it, the home experts at We Buy Any House have put together their top 5 tips for minimalism…

1 Set yourself some rules
Saying that you want to bring in a minimalist style into your home is all well and good, but if you don’t commit and outline exactly what you want to achieve, it can be difficult to get there. Most of us have got problem areas at home – that could be a cupboard, junk drawer, or a table that seems eternally covered in clutter. Pinpoint these areas and decide how you’re going to tackle them, and when you can keep these tidy and organised, you’ll quickly see the rest of your home fall into place. Minimalism is all about only having the things you need out and making sure that they’re out for the right reason. Decide what you want to leave out on display and what will get put away, and make sure that you stick to it to maintain that minimal vibe.

2 Spend some time decluttering
Clutter is the minimalists’ worst nightmare, so decluttering your home is essential to achieving this style. It can be difficult tackling clutter in your home, especially if you have a lot of stuff that you’re emotionally attached to, so it’s important to be strict with yourself. If you’re struggling to part with things, look at storing it more cleverly in your home, so it’s out of sight. That way you can keep that minimalist style without getting rid of everything you cherish. Don’t use this as an excuse to keep everything though – there’s likely a good amount of stuff that you can get rid of, so do your best to let go of the things you don’t need and only keep things that are important.

3 Keep it simple
Minimalism is a very calm, simple style, so when you’re picking a colour scheme, go for a neutral base and add a few layers of colour to it, rather than starting with bolder shades. White, beige or cream are the classic choices since they don’t clash with anything and help to make rooms look bigger – a huge plus for minimalist homes! Grey is also an excellent neutral, or you could go full Kelly Hoppen and opt for taupe. Once you’ve got your neutral base, pick a few colours that you want to bring into your home and stick to them to ensure your home looks organised and uniform – lots of colours and patterns will quickly become overwhelming and ruin your minimalist style.

4 Give functional items space to breathe 
A lot of the time, minimalism can be difficult to achieve as we find it hard to decide what we really need out and what we don’t. The whole idea of the minimal trend is to have only the bare minimum out, focusing on the space that you can create by doing this and the effect you can design with just a few personal items. Less is more in minimalistic homes, so think about what you use daily and only keep those on show. You can store your other things in drawers or boxes out of sight, letting you keep hold of them without it affecting the style that you’re building. For example, in your kitchen it is your toaster, your kettle and maybe a chopping board or knife rack that you use the most, so let them become key stylish pieces that you leave on display. Other items like pots or pans should be out of sight in drawers.

5 If you don’t use it, lose it!
We’re all guilty of keeping things ‘just in case’ when the reality is that we will never use them again. Anyone wanting to adopt a minimalistic style needs to learn how to let go of this mindset, as it will make organising your home much easier. You can assess what you don’t use on a regular basis and get rid of those items that are just taking up space. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need will give you more space to properly implement that minimal style, as well as reducing the number of things you’ve got to sort through. It will also mean that you’re much less likely to crowd your surfaces and ruin your minimalist style.

In summary…

Redecorating with a minimal style in mind can be a difficult one to perfect, but with a little thought and disciplined decluttering, you’ll have a home that Marie Kondo would be proud of in no time at all!