Downton Abbey’s preferred carpet company Grosvenor Wilton combines retro designs and contemporary colour in its first retail carpet collection



Following its carpets’ appearance in the ITV series Downtown Abbey last year, British company Grosvenor Wilton has launched its first retail range of carpets inspired by vintage style. The new Diversity Collection is based on classic retro designs and modern colour and will be sold from £79 per linear metre. 

Grosvenor Wilton’s new Diversity Collection transfers the company’s expertise in specialist restoration and historic interior-design to retail carpeting. The 12 launch designs are united by the idea of ‘a fusion of heritage and fresh new design’ and are inspired by the company’s archive of classic 1950s and 1960s carpet designs, with the addition of contemporary colours.

As well as demonstrating over 200 years of carpet making expertise, the new collection is exceptionally versatile. Applications include wall-to-wall fitting, runners and edged rugs. 

Benjamin Grosvenor started carpet making in 1790. Since then, the business that has evolved into Grosvenor Wilton has become traditionally associated with high-end bespoke carpets for residential and historic houses, film sets and museums. The UK company’s portfolio includes many high profile commissions: carpeting for Buckingham Palace’s throne room; the set of ITV’s Downton Abbey; and Stephen Spielberg’s blockbuster, Lincoln

Announcing the launch of the Diversity Collection, Grosvenor Wilton’s managing director, Malcolm Foley, said: “Our new Diversity Collection unlocks the huge potential of the luxury retail carpet market. With over 200 years’ expertise distilled into the new range, discerning homeowners can combine unique style with the quality and pedigree that delights the most demanding carpet buyers. Seeing and feeling is the key to understanding our fusion of heritage and fresh new design. Were he still around, I’m sure Benjamin Grosvenor would be amazed by our novel approach to carpet retailing using technology and media such as the  website.”

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