Decor brand L’Objet has launched a new home fragrance collection, Parfums de Voyage. Inspired by founder Elad Yifrach’s love of travel, these are more than just scented candles

From dinnerware and furniture to tableweights and vases, L’Objet is loved for its luxurious home accessories. So, fans of the brand will be pleased to hear it has just launched three home fragrances as part of its Parfums de Voyage range. 

For L’Objet founder Elad Yifrach, a former interior designer, it was the pairing of travel and perfume that inspired the exotic aromas of his candles. He collaborated with Yann Vasnier, a master perfumer who has previously developed scents with Tom Ford and Donna Karan, to capture this idea of memorable journeys. 

‘Scents hold the power to transport us immediately to a place in time, or to recapture a mood or sensation,’ Yifrach explains. ‘No one understands that better than Yann. He was essential to realising my vision for Parfums de Voyage.’

The result of this partnership? Three unique and complex scents, each with its own story. 

Thé Russe (No.75) is inspired by a man’s journey to Paris in 1975, when his Russian host greeted him with a cup of tea. It’s a rich, smoky fragrance with patchouli, amber and Russian leather at the base and is thought to be the first perfume with milk lactones included in the ingredients list.

Mamounia (N0.28) is one for fans of rose. It evokes a journey to a Moroccan riad and balances a mix of floral Rose de Mai with fresh spearmint beautifully. The third scent, Jasmin D’Inde (No.6) tells the tale of a young girl who falls in love at first sight while arranging her jasmine bouquet. Saffron, cumin, nutmeg and green leaves are blended with jasmine sambac absolute in our favourite member of the trio.

It’s no surprise to hear the collection has been made from the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, with 100% natural oils and essences. Yifrach has also created an amphora vessel to be used with incense sticks, which like the candles, has been designed to lift the mood.

Scents from far-flung destinations. What better way to lift the spirits when the nights draw in?

L’Objet’s home fragrance collection is available at eu.l-objet.com from £62.


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