Interior designer Claire Nash reveals how she turned a house in Brackenbury Village into a stunning family home 

What condition was the property in when you bought it?

The house had been the subject of a house fire (in the basement) and so that part of the house was blackened and fire damaged and the rest of it was stripped bare, to meet insurance requirements. So it wasn’t at its best…

What were the major changes you made to the property?
There were only a few structural changes, although I swapped a bedroom and a bathroom and slightly reconfigured the basement, but the changes were largely cosmetic. Which for me, is unusual!

Tell us about the ‘look’ you wanted to achieve?
I have been collecting furniture and endless junk since my very early 20s so my ‘style’ is simply an amalgamation of everything I have liked since then. Luckily, my fundamental ‘look’ hasn’t changed much over the years and I am a firm believer that one person’s taste unites even a disparate group of objects, providing that everything has been bought with conviction. My style would probably be described as ‘eclectic’ but clearly that word is too appalling to contemplate so I won’t describe it as such.

How long did it take to complete the project?
The work took a couple of months as it wasn’t too complicated, but I have tinkered off and on endlessly since then.

What were the biggest challenges you faced?
I didn’t find it too difficult as my job as an interior designer involves making decisions and choices every day, although making decisions for yourself is always tricker than on behalf of others. I am a great believer in mood boards and gathering images (so easy now with Pintrest), the ‘look’ you want emerges, however chaotic you think that your ideas are. I am already all over the ‘look’ for my next house!


A monochrome colour scheme in the bathroom is simple and stylish

What’s your favourite room in the house and what do you feel are the stand-out features?
I love my sitting room and I love the garden. I am incredibly lucky that this house backs onto dozens of other gardens and no other houses, so it’s a bit like having a garden square at the back – very fortunate in London.

What do you like most about the local area?
I love Shepherds Bush. I love all the cliches about being so close to central London but with that local feel that we all love, and I love Goldhawk Road. This is where I feel at home.

Where are your favourite local places to source interiors?
I buy from everywhere – charity shops, car boots, pound shops. My favourite shops in this area are The Old Cinema in Chiswick and Henry Saywell in Lillie Road (Lillie Road is great generally for good value antique and vintage stuff at a good price). The French House in Fulham is great too.

Like the look of this beautiful home? It is currently available to buy for £1,850,000 through Philip Wooller, 020 8811 2929; philipwooller.com and Finlay Brewer, 020 8749 7719; finlaybrewer.co.uk


Family house in Brackenbury Village

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