To launch its special colour-matching paint in the UK, Valspar commissioned a 3D house to be painted on the side of a building in Clerkenwell

The Resident:

Passers-by did double takes today as they walked along London’s Clerkenwell Road. At first glance, it looks as if a crane has smashed through the brick wall of a residential building to reveal its lively interior. In reality, onlookers were in fact witnessing a piece of 3D art that appears to expose the interior of a colourfully painted family home.

Using a technique known as trompe l’oeil, the 26 x 52 ft. artwork, commissioned by paint brand Valspar, took 160 hours of painting to produce, resulting in a detailed view of family life – mum soaking in the bath, the kids playing in their bedrooms and dad preparing dinner in the kitchen.

The piece of art was brought to life by Poole-based community artist Nina Camplin, who specialises in large-scale trick-of-the-eye paintings and used her skills to create the illusion of 3D scenes on a flat surface.

Valspar commissioned the art to launch its new range of paint, made using tinting technology, which means that it can match any colour the eye can see – that’s 2.2 million shades.

The inside of the house was designed by interiors stylist, and Valspar colour ambassador, Will Taylor, otherwise known as Mr Bright Bazaar. Taking inspiration from the 2.2 million different shades of paint Valspar has to offer, Will’s brief was to inspire Londoners to be more creative with colour.

Will said: “Valspar’s message to ‘colour outside the lines’ sits well with my personal aim to encourage more people to embrace colour in their homes and lives in order to create what I call ‘make-you-smile style’. I encourage my readers to look outside of the home decor environment to discover the colours they love – from something as mundane as the colours they are drawn to in food packaging, through to the hues they feel moved to capture in holiday photographs.”

Jacob Brodefors of Temptations Café, Clerkenwell Road, situated opposite the artwork, explains: “What a very cool idea. We have such a good vantage point here in Temptations; we’ve been lucky enough to see the artwork evolve from start to finish. It’s different, it’s detailed, it’s eye-catching, and I’ve seen so many people, including cyclists, stop to take a snap. It’s certainly inspired me to introduce more colour to my flat.”

Valspar is available at B&Q stores nationwide.