G&T is the brainchild of Gal and Tania Adir, who are on a mission to craft luxury properties through dedication and design. Islington has benefitted the most, but Mark Kebble finds out from Gal that it’s just the start

What can you tell me about your acquisition in John Street?

It is an exciting but complicated project. We are working on part of a Grade II listed terrace, but we have a very modern building behind the period façade. This requires substantial demolition and reconfiguration in order to get the quality accommodation that we would like to deliver.

What attracted you to the building?

We loved the building from the first time we saw it. It has a beautiful façade with a real presence. It stands proud of the other buildings in the terrace and once works are complete we are confident this will be the most exciting boutique collection of flats available in Bloomsbury to date.

Can you reveal your plans for it?

Yes, we are planning seven flats in total facing John Street. Five flats would be two bed and two would be one bed. Five of the seven flats will have outside amenity space and the building will benefit from a manned lobby with a concierge.

The last time I saw you was at 66 Liverpool Road when it was a building site. Did that all go to plan?

Yes, the project is actually now holding our company record for the fastest project ever. It had taken six months and two weeks from getting the keys to the building to handing the keys of the finished flats to the new buyers. This was a tall order given we did a façade retention and reconstruction of a new building behind by introducing a new metal super structure inside the original building. There is literally not retained fabric of the old building save from the façade to Liverpool Road and the rear elevation to the back. Everything else is new including all windows and doors but all with the Victorian feel externally.

What has the interest in it been like?

The interest was phenomenal. We launched the flats just as the plaster was drying up and within a week two of the units were under offer. We then had a buyer who missed on our project in Myddelton Square come and buy all three flats in one go. They had exchanged knowing what a G&T finish would be like and were not disappointed when they visited on the day of completion.

How similar would you say that project was to previous G&T projects?

The Resident: Myddelton Square is one G&T’s stand out developmentsMyddelton Square is one G&T’s stand out developments

It was not similar at all. Each project is individual. We always start with a blank canvas and purposely ensure nothing is the same. Each project carries on motifs from its predecessors but we are focusing on the lifestyle and the heart and soul of the property, more then just the bricks and mortar.

I love the interior design elements of 66 Liverpool Road. How important is this factor to you, and what do you take into consideration when putting together?

This is probably the most important factor. Anyone can build, but building something that is unique and special is very important to us. We always think about who are our target buyers / audience. Who are we trying to cater too. Where do they eat, where do they shop, what hotels they like staying at, what is their favourite brand of clothing. All these considerations are taken into account when coming up with the design and feel of the property.

Looking back, have you come much further than you anticipated when you launched G&T?

This is always a difficult question. On one hand yes, we started small and grew quickly and organically very well. On the other hand ambitions are high and the road ahead is still long and 2015 would be a real game changer for us.

How far would you like to go in the future?

We are currently working on a few ‘secret’ projects that are not only residential related so watch this space. We are certainly aiming to go outside the UK and beyond.

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