The influential Memphis Design Movement has inspired the latest interior design collections everywhere. This autumn, it’s time to embrace primary colours and bold prints

Move over understated interiors – the iconic Memphis Design look is back for Autumn/Winter 2015. This means geometric prints and clashing colours are emerging on the home furnishing scene, with interiors brands embracing the post-modernist style made popular in the 1980s. 

Described by the London Design Museum as ‘an exuberant two-fingered salute to the design establishment after years in which colour and decoration had been taboo,’ the trend is about experimenting with playful and garish tones, shapes and motifs.

After seasons of minimalist styles, this new mood has been welcomed by the high street. Habitat’s autumn collection has been strongly influenced by the movement, with graphic monochrome prints, multi-coloured home accessories and box-shaped shelving units.

For patterned rugs and wallpaper, look to interiors brands Barker and Barker and Galerie Home for a great selection of colourful styles. The Demi Lune sofa featured below is sure to make a statement in any living room and when it comes to choosing paint colours, stick to pops of yellow, red and blue.


Oxo shelving unit, £395; Abu oak coffee table, £180; Dolomite rug, £350; Bowie red candle holder, £25; Pila multicolour candlestick, £35; Yoko red and yellow candlestick, £18, Bobby multicolour floor lamp, £70, all from

The easiest way to bring the look into your home? With shutters, says head of product development at Clement Browne, Jon Brown. 

‘When it comes to colour choice, consumers have definitely become much more daring than they used to be,’ Brown told us. ‘People want to make a design statement and create a real focal point in their homes and there’s no better way to do this than with bold shutter. With new painting processes and technologies, it’s now easier than ever to choose any colour you like, whether you’re colour matching your daring scheme or just selecting a singular bold shade.’

From shutters to throws, here are more products that come with a touch of Memphis-inspired style…


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