Interiors Trend: The Hairpin Stool

Have you heard of the hairpin? No, we’re not talking about the little accessories to keep hair swept back; the hairpin stool is the latest in must-have furniture and an easy way to bring a touch of industrial chic into your home 

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If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, it comes down to three main factors: Style, Function and Versatility.

Isn’t that what we all look for when it comes to interior design? Those three magic components that go beyond passing trends and become an instant classic for every space, from the home to the office.

Style: The hairpin stool offers a modern aesthetic with sleek legs and beautiful wooden seats. Take a look at the Talbot swivel stool from Cult Furniture – not only does it feature the hairpin legs, but it also includes a comfy footrest and a swivel function.

Function: Of course, the hairpin stool’s main purpose is to be a comfy seat, but they can be so much more. Take Cult Furniture’s low model; the smooth elm wood surface makes it a contemporary option for displaying fresh bouquets, statement cacti and pretty house plants. Although, you aren’t limited to indoor plants here; you can go one step further with a mix of ornaments and photo frames, or even use it as a bedside table.

Versatility: While their look is unique and eye-catching, the hairpin stool is naturally versatile and able to suit a range of interiors. Tall hairpin stools are ideal for use at kitchen counters, especially where space is limited, and at chic bars that offer tantalising design codes alongside a tasty cocktail menu.

Don’t forget, these ultra-modern stools come in an array of colours, such as white, yellow and blue, as well as many metal finishes, from copper to brass. Mix and match the different options to suit your colour palette and interior style. The possibilities are endless at Cult Furniture.

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