The Yorkshire Farmhouse Rebuilt Beam by Beam in Petersham

Daniel Hutchins, Head of Savills Richmond, gives us a tour of Manor Farm Yard, the Yorkshire farmhouse that was reconstructed brick by brick, beam by beam, in Petersham…

We have all been a little homesick at some point in our lives, but few go to the lengths the original owner of this Petersham property went to back in the 1980s.

‘The building originates from Yorkshire, where I believe the previous owners had roots,’ explains Daniel Hutchins, Head of Savills Richmond.

Manor Farm Yard, as it is known today, was reconstructed, brick by brick, beam by beam. ‘I’m not sure exactly how long it took,’ adds Hutchins, ‘but due to the size of the building and quality of the finish, I imagine it was a painstaking process.’

North Yorkshire is truly beautiful, but if anywhere in London comes close to that same idyllic feeling, it’s Petersham. ‘Absolutely,’ Hutchins agrees. ‘Nestled idyllically between Richmond Park and a scenic stretch of the River Thames, you could be in rural English countryside, so the property feels right at home.’

It goes some way itself in adding to the country vibes. When first setting foot in the property, one feature immediately stands out. ‘Exposed beams are featured throughout the house creating the authentic farmhouse atmosphere, but for me they are most impressive in the reception room as they accentuate the vaulted ceilings,’ Hutchins says. ‘It’s one of the first features people comment on when they come into the house.

‘Sitting above the former outbuildings there used to be a dove loft, too. When I sold the property in 1995, I joked that the property came with “sitting tenants”, but they have since moved on.’

Exposed beams are featured throughout the house creating the authentic farmhouse atmosphere

It was back then in the mid 90s that the property underwent a revamp. ‘The new owner decided to join the outbuildings to the house creating a two-storey extension and the U-shaped house that still remains today. This newly reconfigured space was later turned into further accommodation.

‘Given that there has been significant extension and improvements made, the current owners have been sympathetic to the original design of the house and have created a contemporary home that has retained its country charm.

‘The garden really complements the house and, being walled, it adds that extra element of privacy,’ Hutchins says. ‘The house is situated close to the old Georgian road that runs through Kingston and Richmond, so having the garden set back provides a tranquil setting whilst still being conveniently located.

‘The master suite now incorporates the addition from the former outbuildings, which has created a wonderfully light room with direct access to the garden. In fact, all the downstairs rooms open out onto the garden, which in my opinion is a real selling point.’

There are four bedrooms in total, with an upstairs reception room that could easily be used as a fifth. In fact, the property is deceptively spacious. ‘At 2,799 sq ft the footprint is generous, but this is also added to by the high ceilings and large windows, which create a bright and airy feel,’ Hutchins explains. ‘Being U-shaped, the house also allows for privacy when needed, with the family room acting as a central hub, drawing the house back together.’

All the downstairs rooms open out onto the garden, which is a real selling point

There are plenty of design touches that give the property a contemporary feel alongside the country aspects. I am fooled by what looks like stacks and stacks of books for starters. ‘It is a quirky design feature, not a library,’ Hutchins smiles. ‘It’s the hallway with faux bookshelves that have cupboards behind. It was a clever and attractive way for the owners to incorporate more space into the home.’

In addition, the bathrooms look cutting edge. ‘They definitely highlight the contemporary feel of the property, but so too does the kitchen,’ Hutchins says. ‘They both complement what is otherwise a very rural feel – you get the best of both worlds. A modern, fresh kitchen and bathroom tend to be high on the wishlist for many of our buyers.’

Unsurprisingly, the property on Petersham Road is in demand, and from buyers much further afield than North Yorkshire. ‘It is ideal for families with its open plan living space and plenty of bedrooms, and we tend to see a lot of interest from German buyers in Petersham – including the current owners – due to the internationally renowned German School nearby.’

Petersham Road, TW10, is available to buy at £3,500,000. Call Savills Richmond on 020 8614 9100 or see savills.co.uk


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