House Proud Brits Rely on Social Media for Interiors Inspiration

We are a nation obsessed with our homes, with over a third of all homeowners admitting to being ‘house proud’ (and it’s not just ‘generation Hinch’)

Can a good tidy up and a lick of paint boost your sense of wellbeing? Apparently so.

With the rise of ‘cleanfluencers’ like Sophie Hinchliffe, AKA Mrs Hinch, and the world’s most famous neat-freak, Marie Kondo, on social media, it seems a hashtag can have quite an impact.

Recent research conducted by Berkeley Group found that over a quarter of the 2,000 UK homeowners consider changing their interior scheme at least once a month, and one in 10 contemplate this weekly.

The research also revealed that having a beautiful homes gives us a good old serotonin boost: 32% of men and 40% of women were found to consider themselves to be ‘house proud’, stating that having a beautiful interior has a positive impact on their wellbeing.

‘Almost a third of 18-24-year olds turn to social media influencers as their primary source of inspiration’

As for our go-tos for home decor inspiration, almost a third of 18-24-year olds (31%) turn to social media influencers as their primary source of inspiration, while a quarter of this age group (25%) are influenced online by bloggers.

With around 67% of the nation on social media, over one fifth (21%) of all homeowners find their interior inspiration on social media and on average people use these channels for home inspiration at least five times a week.

Facebook was the most popular network for home inspiration (21.8%), closely followed by Pinterest (21.7%) and then YouTube and Instagram (20%).

But TV still has its impact, with property makeover programmes still proving to be popular – Location Location Location, Homes Under the Hammer, and Grand Designs came out on top as the nation’s favourites in this particular survey.

2020 Home Trends

So what are we on the lookout for in 2020? The study also analysed the recent home trends favoured by Brits, which turned out to be:

Natural materials: 29% Floral fabrics and wallpaper: 13.4% Abstract art and geometric patterns: 13% Curved furniture: 12% Velvet furniture and furnishings: 11%

Natural materials: This trend mixes natural elements such as cotton fabrics, copper finishes and wood materials. Pair burnt orange tones with navy and complete the look with an array of houseplants.

Floral fabrics and wallpaper: Floral patterns always freshen up an interior scheme and offer a wide range of options in terms of style and scale. Try a muted palette and a touch of gold for a sophisticated take on this trend.

Abstract art and geometric patterns: For those who love to make a statement, opt for bold geometrics and patterns, bright colours and expressionist art to follow this abstract themed trend.

Curved furniture: In contrast to the recent preferences of clean hard lines, curved furniture is now making a comeback. Adding a curved sofa or table is a great way to introduce drama and a sleek finish to any room. 

Velvet furniture and furnishings: Velvet furnishings offer a touch of glamour. Go for dusky pinks, coupled with marble finishes, for a seriously sumptuous effect.

More Key Interior Design Trends for 2020

Maximalism: Catch the eye with a bright and busy interior scheme, making bold décor choices with strong patterns and colourful material.

Black bathroom fittings: Black accents are becoming an increasingly popular way of adding a sleek, artistic look to a bathroom in both modern and traditional homes.

Boucle fabric: A key trend for 2020, bouclé fabric is a new favourite, the material offers a subtle look by adding a cosy texture to your interior scheme.

Four-poster beds: Four-poster beds were thought to be a thing of the past, but since earlier this year they have made a return to modern homes, bringing grandeur back to the bedroom.

Bold backsplashes: Bold kitchen backsplashes and colourful tiles are a great way to bring new life to the kitchen or shared living and dining areas.


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