Gary Hersham the Managing Director of Beauchamp Estates reveals why he’s allowed television cameras into his estate agency for new series, Under Offer on BBC2

A new BBC 2 TV series, Under Offer, a fly-on-the-wall documentary about estate agents around the UK, has unearthed a new reality star in the form of Gary Beauchamp. The 60-year-old co-head of luxury estate agents, Beauchamp Estates, has been one of the most talked about people on the show for his straight-talking ways and dealings with the super-rich. Beauchamp Estates deals with a portfolio worth in excess of £1 billion, with properties ranging from £2 million – £120 million. Here Gary tells us why he decided to take part…

What made you decide to do Under Offer?

I am well known in the media as the man who deals with super-prime property so when the BBC approached me and asked if I was happy to participate in the series I thought, why not, as I felt it was a good way of showing the public the way that top estate agents work.

What has the reaction been to the show?

In super-prime property circles we are the agency of choice. What the show has done is elevate brand awareness amongst the public: there have been media interviews, publicity, lots of interest on Twitter and other social media, lots of calls from people I know in the property industry and I’ve also had a surge in people calling me asking to handle the sale of their property

Did you have a strategy on how you wanted to come across on TV?


Gary Hersham

From the start I have just been myself. I think the public know if you are being fake. I’ve shown the cameras and viewers what I do on a daily basis and have answered all the questions asked openly and honestly. We are a very very busy agency, our £1 billion portfolio equates to £19 million worth of property per week, so we need to be very focused. I have a very loyal team of staff, some of whom have worked for me for 20 years.

What about the properties you have showcased on the show?

I have shown viewers the typical properties we deal with on a daily basis. All the instructions are outstanding mansions, lateral flats and penthouses in superb addresses: they are the very best available in prime central London. Obviously we were only able to show just a tiny fraction of the homes we have under instruction, but I hope they give the public an insight into the world of luxury property

How do the super-rich like to live?

We released a special survey on ultra prime property to coincide with the show. The survey found that ultra prime property owners typically own four properties, and like to have one in London, another on the French Riviera, an estate in Tuscany and another one elsewhere. The vast majority of properties are either large family homes or big lateral flats suitable for a large family.

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