Natural wood-burning stoves are becoming more and more popular in London, with options for creating a cosy room inside and a fantastic fire pit outside, here we pick out 8 of the best for your outside space, conservatories or winter gardens from the experts at Natural Fires 

1 The Jøtul Terrazza outdoor fireplace from Natural Fires has a wide view of the fire and is made from Corten steel, which creates a rough corroded surface after a short period of time. This corrosion has a protective effect which makes it possible to leave the fireplace outside all year round. Buy from: Natural Fires

2 Scan wood-burning stoves would look great in a summer or outside sitting room. The stove pictured above is the Scan 1002, a discrete design by Halskov & Dalsgaard Design. The wood burner is feminine and functional with innovative details such as front glass, black and white trims and a glass handle that stays cool. Buy from: Natural Fires

3 While this stylish wood burner isn’t technically for outdoors, we couldn’t resist mentioning it. Also from the Scan collection, it hybrids a chiminea and wood-burning stove and comes in a variety of styles and shades. The door only allows for half of the fire to be seen but it has a revolving base so you’ll feel the heat where ever you are in the room, and will go on providing heat for up to 12 hours after wood was last added. Buy from: Natural Fires

4 This Morsø Kamino Miljo outdoor fireplace is built from cast iron and as a result can stand prolonged amounts of time left in the garden or on the patio, use it right through from spring to autumn to keep warm when outside. Buy from: Natural Fires 

5 Also from the Morsø Living range, this Grill Forno wood-burning stove is a compact shape, which is ideal for smaller gardens or patios, and, along with being used to heat, can be cooked on. It has a coal insert and grill grate so doubles up as a very chic barbecue. Buy from: Natural Fires

6 Another item from Morsø Living is its classic outdoor fire pit, it is a simple, functional design but also makes an impact when entertaining. Buy from: Natural Fires

7 The last one from the  Morsø range is the Forno outside wood-burning stove, which is shaped like an Italian stone oven. The shallow firebox produces optimum heat and has plenty of space for fire wood to be pushed aside when it’s time to cook. Buy from: Natural Fires 

8 Create a winter garden in a conservatory with the Contura 860T, less than 1m tall it’s a compact wood-burning stove that doesn’t require a huge amount of space to fit. The stylish glass windows project heat around the room, making it energy efficient. Buy from: Natural Fires 

Frequently asked questions about wood-burning stoves

Why are wood-burning stoves proving so popular with Londoners?
Because of the look and the ambience that they create. Lots of people like to have a real fire, but in London you’re not allowed to burn wood unless you have a DEFRA-approved wood burner, which means it burns more efficiently and produces less smoke. In the countryside, if you have a traditional open fireplace and you burn wood or coal, 70-75% of the heat produced goes straight up the chimney. Modern stoves are safer and more efficient.

Are wood-burning stoves more efficient than gas fires?
It’s pretty similar in terms of efficiency but gas prices are rising. I have one at home and I use my central heating a lot less now. You can just light it in the evening and it heats the room that you’re actually using, rather than paying to heat the whole house. Plus the body of the stove retains its heat, so the room stays warmer for longer.

Do you need to have a chimney?
You don’t have to have a chimney, but you do have to have an outside wall so that you can route an insulated flue system. If you live in a block of flats then it’s going to be difficult, but you could have a flueless gas stove, which doesn’t require an outlet.

What are your most popular brands?
Our top brands are Morsø, Jøtul and Contura, which are Scandinavian companies. They’re good quality, cast-iron and steel stoves, made to last a generation. We also stock British brands like Jetmaster, Hunter and Fireline, but many of my customers prefer the Scandinavian brands, since they’re cold countries and wood is a traditional heat source. Our entry level stove is the Fireline FP5 for £619 and at the higher end of the scale you have the Jøtul F163 a real designer piece, which is £1,939.72.

Can you burn any wood?
These stoves are made to burn seasoned wood with less than 20% moisture content. If you just chop down a tree, you have to season it and store it properly, otherwise it doesn’t burn efficiently. Some people really do get into collecting and seasoning their own wood, but I’d advise Londoners to just go out and buy some good quality kiln-dried wood!

Can you toast marshmallows on them?
You could, in theory, but since it’s a contained environment that burns off its own smoke and gasses, opening the door stops that process and the efficiency drops, so I wouldn’t advise it. But I do know people who will wrap a jacket potato in foil, pop it in the stove among the embers and close the door again!

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