In a city like London where space is a premium, property owners are are increasingly trying to come up with ways to make their homes bigger and maximise the space they have. Here property and interiors experts at Banda Property share their tips on how hidden rooms are a great way to make the most of what you’ve got

Walk-in wardrobes

Not only are walk-in wardrobes increasingly in high demand, but there has been a surge in popularity of walk-through wardrobes, which link the bedroom to the en-suite bathroom. But if your property doesn’t have significant space for clothes and storage you have to be creative.

We have installed open wardrobes in narrow corridors to utilise what space there is, and often create wardrobes to specifically accommodate items such as linen, suitcases and footwear, which works particularly well in a pied à terre. We recently created a hat wall where headwear could be placed at height level and use up an otherwise superfluous space. 


Walk-through wardrobes are a big trend in London homes

Installing a safe in a property is a growing requirement in London homes, and the wardrobe is the best place for this. We recently built one into a wardrobe door, activated by a release button, but hidden to anyone who did not know where it was. 

Wine cellars

It’s not just wardrobes that are great for using wasted space in your home.  We have seen a growing trend for people installing wine rooms in their properties. We recently created one that is concealed behind bookshelves utilising an under-stair space that would otherwise be redundant. The stunning room, which is around 4 sq m and can hold hundreds of bottles of wine, four fridges, a sink and copious amounts of glassware and equipment.

We’ve also seen an increase in residents – particularly in London where space is hard to come by – installing underground cellars, which can be fitted into the ground beneath a home rather than in an existing basement area and, in most cases, requires no planning consent due to the small size. 

Increasingly our clients see a well-designed wine store as a crucial addition to their home, yet not all have a capacity for a cellar. With modern technology and creative thinking, many home-owners can create storage within their existing space, be it hidden behind bookshelves, underground and within vaults, ensuring that the wine room is not only stunning but in keeping with the rest of the property.


Create wine rooms in redundant space

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