Expert Advice: How to Add Colour to Your Home

Expert tips on how to add colour to your home with style and panache by interior designer Gail Taylor of Chelsea Harbour-based th2 designs

Story: Kara O’Reilly

1. Colour is transformational, but I always urge caution when planning to use it extensively. If you are considering using a bright colour in a room, try painting just one wall and then pick out the colour with cushions and accessories. A complete room in a bright colour can become oppressive and date quickly.

2. An easier way of using colour is to add bright pops to an otherwise neutral colour palette with one statement piece of furniture and additional accessories.

3. Art is also a great way of introducing colour – I love to hang a bright painting in a neutral space, as it becomes the focus of the room.

4. We have clients who like to introduce different highlight colours in a room depending upon the season and this is also a quick and easy way to change the look. It is amazing how useful brightly coloured cushions and throws are.

5. If using colour in a small space, look at the proportions and decide whether, for instance, the ceiling should be white or painted in the same colour? Similarly, is bright white paintwork too much and would a muted colour work better?

6. Think about other options, such as neutral walls and a coloured floor or coloured tiles in a kitchen.

7. We recommend trying the colour first – a good tip is to paint the shade on to large pieces of paper and stick on the wall for a few days so that you get a feel for the colour in different lights.


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