Having trouble sleeping? Waking up boiling hot or freezing cold? Do you think about how your duvet affects your sleep? The perfect duvet can make all the difference to a good night’s sleep. Here the experts at Southdown Duvets tell us what your duvet says about you and how to pick the right one

Synthetic filled bedding says: You haven’t yet experienced the delights and wholesomeness of a sound sleep – free of night sweats and clammy restlessness. Folk who switch from synthetic to wool say its an overnight revelation and wonder why on earth they didn’t invest years ago.

Feather/down duvets say: Yes, you do care about the quality of your sleep but perhaps have not considered the animal welfare side of how duck and goose down and feathers are “harvested” (enough to give anyone nightmares). Feather/down duvets are great when they are new but deteriorate over time, generating a protein dust in your duvet which is often causes allergic reactions and breathing difficulties. Over time the protein dust builds up, attracting dust mites. Do you really want to share your bed with these dreadful things and all the associated health issues – itchy watery eyes, blocked stuffy nose? 


Synthetic duvets will have you waking up clammy and unrested

Wool duvets say: You recognise luxury when you see and feel it but more importantly you value the health benefits of a decent night’s sleep under hypoallergenic, flame retardant bedding, free of dust mites and the dreaded night sweats. Wool bedding is also cruelty-free – sheep don’t particularly like being sheared but its an essential part of keeping them healthy. The trend to wool bedding is a relatively recent phenomenon in the UK but ask our European neighbours, especially the Germans and Italians, about their love of wool bedding and they will just smile and say, what else would you ever possibly want?


Feather and down duvets can result in allergic reactions

Why choose a wool duvet?
Southdown wool keeps you toasty warm in winter but cool in summer. This is because the wool adjusts to the micro-climate around you keeping your body at a temperature that allows you to sleep soundly and to wake feeling refreshed. One major downside though: be prepared to be late for work more often than normal because its going to get really difficult to get of bed in the mornings. 


You won’t want to get out of bed if you have a wool duvet

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