The internet is full of images of beautiful bedroom designs, but knowing where to start with all those ideas can be a bit of a minefield. Luckily the bed experts at Wrought Iron and Brass Beds have put together a cheat sheet on how to create your ideal bedroom

Creating the perfect bedroom isn’t easy. After all, it’s probably the most personal of rooms -your own, private retreat away from the madness of modern life. Accordingly, comfort and a little (well, OK, perhaps a lot) of what you like, should be high on your list when it comes to planning a new bedroom.

Without stating the obvious, bedrooms are not bathrooms or kitchens. And as such, the pressure’s off. So forget throwaway fashions and trends-of-the-moment and go back to basics. If you love the idea of a fresh, nautically-inspired bedroom packed with beautiful blues and crisp white linen, then go for it. So what if you live 50 miles from the coast? Ditto if you live in a city apartment, but secretly yearn for the comfort of a classic, rurally-influenced scheme, straight from a Sanderson lookbook.

Ultimately, it’s your space to do what you want with. Don’t worry, either, about mixing things up a bit. Be brave! Eclectic interiors work because they express the personality of the room’s owner. Choose your bedroom’s key fixtures and fittings with care – often, you can build the rest of your bedroom around them. And if you can layer your bedroom’s look around the odd heirloom or ‘forever’ purchase, well – so much the better. The end result will be a bedroom scheme that is unique – rather than a faithful recreation of a dull, over-tauped hotel bedroom.


If you want nautical, go for nautical no matter where you live

Back to those ‘forever’ purchases for a moment… Throughout the rest of your home, these are the stand-out items you’ve coveted, saved up for, lusted after… A refectory table for the kitchen that everyone can squeeze around, an original Danish sofa for the living room and in the bedroom, a beautifully solid bed, armoire or chest of drawers. Perhaps all three.


Invest in a bed to be the centre-piece of the room

Importantly, these items aren’t about fashion. They make enough of a statement, just being. When it comes to beds, supreme comfort should be at the top of your tick list. Stick to an unfussy, timeless design and you really can’t go wrong. And, whilst there are currently some fabulous finishes to choose from, the real beauty of an iron, steel or brass bedstead is in the reassuring solidity of its construction.

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