Ever needed a hallway table to fit an awkward space or wanted to recycle old jewellery into something more contemporary? createdbespoke is a new online platform connecting customers looking to commission one-off products with makers in the UK

For those with little experience commissioning a piece of furniture or jewellery, knowing where to start is a challenge. Who can you trust? How much should you pay? How do you handle the project management? Where do you even start your search for designers?

There is nothing nicer than having an item that is truly unique for you, designed exactly how you’d want it, that doesn’t come out of an Ikea box or is worn by other people, but so many people are put off by the effort that is required.

With that in mind, createdbespoke was launched. The new online platform connects the best of Britain’s makers with those looking for a one-off piece of furniture or jewellery. In creating the company, the team behind createdbespoke encourage their clients to support small skilled businesses in the UK and appreciate what they can offer in a world of mass consumption.

Its spectrum of craftspeople cover everything from fine jewellery, to indoor and outdoor sculpture, to bespoke kitchens. They’ll build pieces exactly to your specification to fit awkward spaces; make a bespoke engagement ring using some of your own jewellery, or create an intricate piece of wall art.

createdbespoke’s website allows potential clients to browse by maker and products to find a style that suits you. You can then contact the maker with no commitment, to find out more information. If you decide to proceed with a commission you can then rest assured that the process is simple and reliable. At least 90% of each purchase goes directly to the maker. A contract is drawn up to define timelines, payment instalments and review points. You can keep in touch with the maker throughout your project with photos and videos shared online through the project’s own workspace.

The platform has been built for makers to collaborate, so should you want a completely bespoke room, you can bring in three or four individuals to bring their creative expertise to the table. Your project may evolve from simply a dining table to a complete fitted kitchen with integrated bespoke banquette seating area, matching stools and side board, hand-blown glass pendant lights and perhaps even garden furniture… Who know’s where it could lead!

Take a look on and see if anything catches your eye. 


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