SCP founder and lighting expert Sheridan Coakley shares his design philosophy and advice on home lighting, from floor lamps and wall lights to chandeliers, plus why he is working with New York lighting brand Roll & Hill this autumn 


How has SCP changed since you started the company in 1985?
We have grown and developed in all areas, as a manufacturer, retailer, supplier and with our professional wing that works directly with architects and interior designers. However, I would like to think that the same core values remain. We create high-quality products made in the modernist spirit. We do this by working with talented designers from across the creative arts, from very technical industrial designers to more hands-on crafts based designers.

What makes SCP different?
Because we are a manufacturer, a huge amount of focus is put on developing and producing high-quality designs that last. This gives us a really good sense of what products work both in terms of practicality and in consumer tastes.

Why has SCP West chosen Roll & Hill lighting as a focus this autumn?
Autumn is when the clocks go back and the dark nights start to draw in. Naturally, people start to think about their lighting arrangements at this time of year, so Roll & Hill are a great brand for us to focus on. We want to offer something at our SCP West store that isn’t available anywhere else in London, something a little special. Roll & Hill are well established in New York, their products are of an exceptionally high standard and have plenty of romance about them too. More than enough to lighten up the long British winter evenings.


Modo chandelier by Jason Miller for Roll & Hill Architecture/photography: LABArchitects. Interior design: Veronique Bellet-Zorzi

Are there particular lighting fixtures that work better than others in different parts of the home?
A reception space might require a beautiful chandelier or a statement piece. Whereas a bathroom may need a mixture of diffuse and directional lighting, it’s about working out what is required from both a practical and aesthetic point of view. One thing often overlooked is how lights look in the daytime when they are not turned on, this should also be considered. Some lights look as beautiful off and they do when on.

What trends can we expect to see in the approach to home lighting?
There has been a noticeable trend for more decorative handmade statement lighting. This is being led by companies like Roll & Hill from America, with pieces like Gridlock by Philippe Malouin. There has also been a return to more traditional materials like brass, copper and ceramics. We would like to think we help set the trends. The other thing that is re-invigorating lighting design is the advent of LED lighting, which offers up new technical opportunities for designers.


Fiddlehead pendant by Jason Miller, for Roll & Hill

How do you go about making something practical like a light bulb both fashionable and appealing as well?
It’s about getting the best designers to approach the problem. Roll & Hill having been doing just that in New York and they have really caught the attention of the interior designers in that city. We are just delighted to have the exclusive UK rights to sell Roll & Hill at SCP. Lighting is something that can really make an impression, on spaces, on people and on mood, it’s worth getting it absolutely right.

New lighting from Roll & Hill is now available exclusively at SCP West, 87 Westbourne Grove W2 4UL;

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